Accelerated Nursing Degree Programs – Acquire A Degree In Nursing In 1 Year (No Joke)

In just twelve months from the time you read this post you could be leaving a program with a valuable and fully accredited BSN degree. You can get this done thanks to the wide range of fast track nursing programs that are now available for you to sign up with, feeding the frenzy that is the shortage of nurses in the field, and the huge demand that exists for them.

When you already hold a degree, you can choose from any number of hundreds of different BSN accelerated nursing programs and get your BSN in just 12 months in most cases. Or if you’d prefer, you can get a masters or doctorate level degree in a nursing or medical field in a very short time as well.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to switch jobs and build a career in nursing. Nursing is a highly sought after profession, which was actually the forth most in demand degree in 2009 and for good reason. Nursing has a great salary structure, fantastic benefits and you can gain employment the world over.

Accelerated Nursing Degree Programs are quite intense in their delivery of information and you will be learning at an increased rate. The courses build on your current knowledge with bridging subjects as well as the nursing specific subjects. The curriculum is very concentrated when compared with standard 4 year degree programs since the time frame is reduced significantly. The nursing part of the program is completed in around 12 months compared with the typical three years found with conventional degrees. For this reason it is important if you are considering an accelerated nursing degree program that you are prepared and motivated to do the work required to take on a program such as this.

There are some Prerequisites necessary for entry into the course. These differ slightly from school to school so check that you qualify before you enroll. When selecting a course you should ensure it has the biology, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology subjects necessary to become a qualified nurse.

Getting an accelerated BSN will enable you to begin a journey towards a new and improved career and life, filled with exciting job prospects, a dynamic work place, an intrinsically rewarding profession, high salaries, and more. Nurses are always in demand because people always need healthcare, and that will always be a constant, so even in a down economy nurses are thriving all across the board. You can join that talented group in just 12 months when you sign up for an accelerated BSN today.

Accelerated Nursing Degree Programs Find Schools offering 1 year accelerated nursing programs right now. The profession of nursing is on the rise. Flexible degree programs that work for YOU.

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