Accelerated Masters of Nursing Degree Programs

Nurses today, and prospective students considering becoming nurses, have a wide range of educational choices to consider. The days of simply pursuing on the job training from a hospital are largely over. Instead, college education is rapidly becoming not only recommended, but required. Postgraduate degrees are becoming increasingly more popular, and the accelerated masters degree for nursing is in high demand.

With a masters of nursing degree by your side, you can accomplish just about anything you’d like to in the field of nursing. You’ll be able to rise to leadership positions in important healthcare facilities, and you’ll be able to become certified specialists in one or several fields, such as nurse midwives, certified nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists in oncology, pediatrics, neurological, cardiac and other fields as well.

There are several different types of accelerated masters degree programs for nurses available. You can end up finishing programs to obtain an M.S.N., or Masters of Science in Nursing, an M.N., which is a Masters of Nursing, an M.S. with a major in nursing, and even an M.A. with a major in nursing. What you end up pursuing really depends on which direction you want to go in after graduation.

Another important piece of information will be how long your masters of nursing degree will take to complete. The type of program which is really on the rise right now is the second-degree masters program for individuals with no background in nursing. This means that you finish a bachelors program, but it wasn’t for a nursing degree, and you’ve never been a nurse. There are over 60 schools offering these programs, and they take about three years to take when you’re pursuing an accelerated masters degree schedule, which is pretty quick considering you are starting from scratch with nursing.

There are many more programs available for RNs seeking to obtain their masters of nursing degree. There are over 150 of these schools, and with your nursing background, your studies will take less time to complete. In addition, you’ll also find BSN to MSN programs for individuals coming from that background. So it all depends on what you have already done, if anything, but regardless of that you’ll be able to find a number of programs to choose between, ensuring that you’ll find something which offers a great fit.

As you can see, if you’re interested in pursuing an accelerated masters degree in the field of nursing, there are a lot of intriguing choices to consider. There are multiple types of degrees, as well as multiple program types depending on your background. If you have a bachelors in another field, even with no experience you can finish your masters of nursing degree in three years or less! With the great need for new nurses in the industry, and the array of opportunities available, it’s the perfect time to continue your education and get your postgraduate degree in nursing.


  1. paul monju says:

    My name is paul monju and i am currently an LVN and i have a degree in economics from university of yaounde 2.
    from Cameroon I seeking a university for accelerated BSN or MSN.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul, it sounds like you have the suitable experience to be accepted into either an accelerated BSN program or an accelerated MSN. We have a list of colleges that offer both BSN and MSN accelerated nursing programs sorted by state on our page titled Schools That Offer Accelerated Nursing Programs. You should find what you are looking for there. Good luck with your studies!

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