Accelerated Nursing Program Course Structure And Content

An accelerated nursing program can be your fast track solution to beginning a fantastic new career in as little time as possible. Before you jump right in though, it’s important to know what to expect from your studies while pursuing an accelerated BSN. What will be the structure of the courses, what kinds of things will you be studying, and what will your time in an accelerated nursing program be like for you?

One of the first things that you’ll have to understand is that an accelerated BSN is “accelerated” for a reason. You’re able to finish up your studies in so little time because you move rapidly ahead with your courses. That means there’s no down time or time for slacking off. Once you get in and get going, you’re going to be moving forward nonstop, and this makes for a busy and intense, but challenging and rewarding period of time.

You’ll be taking a full course load, and won’t be able to carry a lighter load, in order to keep moving ahead as quickly as possible. In between semesters or quarters there won’t be any breaks, as opposed to traditional four year programs which offer summers off and month-long breaks during the winter. Instead, it’s nonstop, which is how you’re able to squeeze more in and finish up in so little time.

In terms of the courses you’ll be taking, many will be focused on specific skills within the field of nursing. This includes everything from administering tests to administration and communication with patients and staff, and much more. By the end of your program, you’ll have all of the knowledge and skills you’ll need to jump right into the workforce, and you will be able to rest easy knowing that you have been fully prepared.

Every accelerated nursing program has a heavy emphasis on clinical hours and firsthand training and experience. Only so much of nursing can be taught through a book, after all. You really need to be out there, see things getting done, do them for yourself, and so forth, in order to become adequately trained and prepared. So you’ll be working with local institutions and hospitals in order to get the hours and firsthand training you need to complete your accelerated BSN.

Depending on your previous level of education, you’ll also need to take some bridge courses, or even some generic courses such as biology or anatomy. It depends on whether or not you already have a degree, and if you do, what courses you took over that time, and what grades you got in those courses.

That is basically what you can expect in terms of course structure when it comes to an accelerated nursing program. You’ll be moving very quickly, and you’ll be taking a lot of courses. Your coursework will deal specifically with all of the skills you need to learn and all of the various duties you’ll be tasked with, and you’ll back all of that up with clinical hours which provide you with the experience you need to really succeed.

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