Accelerated Nursing Programs for Undergraduates

As you’re evaluating your options and considering obtaining an undergraduate nursing degree, it’s important to be fully prepared and informed, so that you know what to expect and you can see for yourself whether or not you’re making a sound decision. An accelerated nursing program is a great way for somebody to obtain their bachelors, and it can help push you through your studies in less time than you would have imagined. Use this guide to learn everything there is to know about an undergraduate nursing degree.

This guide pertains specifically to an undergraduate nursing degree, and this means for individuals who have never obtained a bachelors level degree before. Many other individuals go back to school for an accelerated nursing program after having obtained a different degree previously. However, this information is for those who are looking to get that bachelors for the first time, and enter the dynamic and rewarding field of nursing, which has more possibilities open than ever before for well educated students seeking employment.

The traditional bachelors program at an on campus university takes about four years to complete. Some people end up taking five years, but four years is the standard. That’s not the case with an accelerated nursing program though. Choosing this option, you can obtain your degree in half the time, just two years. That means from start to finish you can have a full bachelors degree in the field of your choosing, and be well-prepared to enter the job market and begin the journey towards your lifelong career.

Accelerated programs work to reduce your time in school through a few different means. First, you’ll likely be taking more classes at a time, which means you’ll have a heavy workload. That means it’s definitely going to be a lot of work and learning to accomplish, but it’s all so you can move ahead as quickly as possible. Classes may also be broken up into the quarter system, which means that they will be 12-week sessions instead of four-five month periods.

Additionally, in between those quarters, there won’t be much, if any, time off. Your recharging period between quarters, for example, might just be one week, instead of the month-long break that traditional students get in between semesters, and the multiple months off for summer. Once again, it’s all to help you move forward as quickly as possible, and that’s the main advantage.

The intense scheduling is well worth when you enroll in an undergraduate nursing degree program which is accelerated, because you’ll finish in half the time. That’s a two year head start on moving your way up through the ranks, finding your ideal position in the industry of your choice, earning that paycheck each and every week, and more. If all of this sounds good to you, and it should, then an accelerated nursing program will be a fantastic opportunity.

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