Registered Nurse Salaries

Individuals who end up pursuing a career in nursing aren’t really doing so for the nurses salary that they can expect to find. It just so happens that nursing is very rewarding in terms of helping people and being involved, making a difference to the community and to families, and so forth. It’s also a challenging and dynamic field that will keep you on your toes and be fulfilling in that way. With that said, the Registered Nurse salary that is available today in the field is actually very impressive, and adds even that much more incentive for individuals who may be leaning towards joining the field for themselves.

The source of all of the nurses salary statistics and figures presented here is the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and their surveys performed through the Occupational Employment Statistics. The latest data was collected in May of 2009, and it sheds some light on the fact that nurses are becoming more respected and in demand than ever before, and as a result, are earning better salaries.

Cutting across the entire field, the median annual Registered Nurse salary was $66,530 in 2009, which is quite excellent! Diving deeper into those stats, you’ll find that the middle 50 percent earned between $52,520 and $77,970. The lowest 10 percent earned below $43,970, but the highest 10 percent earned more than $93,000! It’s a broad range, as you would find in any field, but it demonstrates that with the right experience and education, the sky is truly the limit right now for nurses salary figures.

One major difference between nurses salary numbers will be where you’re employed as a nurse. For example, nurses at hospitals earned an average of almost $68,000, which is more than nurses at physicians offices who earn $67,290, home health care services, who earn $63,300 and nursing care facilities, which earn $59,320, to cover a few different broad fields. Geographical location will also play a large role in determining salaries. It’s also important to note that many nurses work part-time, or work several part-time jobs, so their annual figures would need to be adjusted for that.

Even better than all of this for new graduates is the fact that those finishing up an accelerated BSN will have an easy time landing their new gig. An astonishing 65% of graduating students from accelerated nursing programs had job offers, compared to the national figure of just 24.4%! Within four to six months of graduation, 89% of graduates had job offers, which means that nearly every single student is able to start pulling in those great nurses salary numbers immediately.

So while you might not be pursuing nursing because of the Registered Nurse salary that you’ll be earning, it’s still exciting and motivating to see what’s out there. The salaries for nurses are on the rise, and will continue to be so as there is such a great demand for new individuals to enter the workforce. It’s just another great reason to consider becoming a nurse and joining this wonderful profession.


Nursing Median Hourly Rates By Job Description

As you can see from the chart below the median hourly rate of various nursing jobs differs quite substantially.  The hourly rates range from $10.42 per hour for a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) up to $28.94 for a Charge Nurse (RN).  It is intersting to note that the four Registered Nurse (RN) roles earned a median hourly rate of over $25 per hour and were the highest paying nursing jobs shown.  This shows it is certainly worth getting your Registered Nurse (RN) qualification.


Median Annual Salary by Skill / Specialty

Nursing Salaries also differ depending on the skills or specialty the nurse has and the particular feild of nursing they are working in.  The chart below shows the annual salaries by Skill or specialty and you can see that the median slaries range from a low of $49,989 for nurses specializing in labour and delivery and birthing up to a high of $71,926 for family practice nurses. Case management nurses were the secon highest at $61,316 closely followed by nurses specializing in acute care.


Median Annual Salary by Number of Years Experience

The amount of experience is also a factor that relates directly to the amount you will get paid as a nurse.  Generally the more experience you have, the better you will be paid.  The median salary for someone with less than a years experience is currently just under $48,000 but this jumps up to over $60,000 once you have 5 or more years as a nurse.



Median Annual Salary By City

The location you are working also effects the salary you can expect as a nurse. The difference in salary can be quite significant as shown in the following chart.  Ranging from a low of $59,186 in Atlanta Georgia up to a high of $70,325 per annum in New York the salaries usually reflect the relative cost of living in the associated cities.



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