Nursing Job Description – What Does A Nurse Actually Do?

What does a nurse actually do? She works with the other professionals in the medical field when providing her services in different places, and works in an efficient team work. For her dynamic aspect of status to be incorporated, mutual understanding of each other and team work is of great necessity. Responsible, bold and willingness to be the first one to start something are some of the personality she should have. This skill is gained by analyzing and adaptation of an habit and conduct of an individual after training.

The perceiving and re-enacting this job will usually differ among individuals and specific rights and duties are usually found in it. Role constraints and role sets are mostly encountered in this work and perception to them or management is of value to all.

One will act as an advisor to individuals, families and community on how to develop natural good communications and togetherness in a society, especially in matters that pertain to health and the advice is always appreciated. She provides support to the clients in decision making about their rights to good nutrition, curative services, and referral to other health care systems when the services are required by the members in a community.

Care is given to the populations in all areas such as places of worship, to the homeless, in camps and at work sites and it involves giving information to individuals on their health needs, diagnosing asymptomatic illnesses and providing physical care to them.

Provision of accurate information to enable people decide on issues about the health services they need and facilitating the provision of these services is one of their duties too as a team. Mobile services and specified visits are used to reach and help different groups of people get the care that is specific to their needs and evaluate those who may need re-intervention to their problems that challenge attaining of activities of daily living.

A nurse is a counselor and accepts stress as an inevitable part of life and help in appropriate dealing of stress or its crises and environment adaptation. She may also be consulted by the authorities in planning of programs that is a source of information in relation to a particular program that is being or is to be organized as an intervention to diagnose a community need; for instance an immunization program.

Coordination of activities of other members of the health care team or promoting incorporation of different agencies to assist in the success of a particular program to help the community is another aspect of importance. She also acts as a collaborator in assessment, planning, implementing and evaluation of the interventions taken in certain situations. Health education is another service that is provided and the education may either be planned or structured to promote positive behavior adaptation or to promote health.

A nurse acts as an epidemiologist and will usually use the epidemiological skills before or during an outbreak of a disease and will practice disease prevention in such endeavors, assist in case finding and prevention of an epidemic by considering the predisposed individuals and predictable patterns in a given setting. What does a nurse actually do is answered in this article.


  1. Charlie Wooten says:

    I am graduating in December of 2011 with a bachelor’s in Exercise-Science and a minor in nutrition, and have drawn a strong interest in the accelerated nursing programs. My mother is a nurse and she is doing very well financially, and it seems there are alot more jobs available for RN’s than there are exercise-physiologists in cardiac rehab. I am stuck on what path I should choose to pursue.

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