The Benefits of Becoming a Nurse Through an Accelerated Nursing Program

Time is of an essence. That is very true in our present age. Getting a bachelor’s degree could be very time consuming and it is even harder for older age group to cope up with such programs. As of now, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing will typically take about four years of full time learning. However, thanks to the growing trend of accelerated nursing programs, one can finish this course as fast as one year.

Nursing is one of the highest paid professions. It is seen as the most promising educational and career endeavor because of the opportunities it presents. There is a great demand on nurses today. Statistics shows that there is a real and perceived shortage of nurses. As the population age and health problems get worse, healthcare services become scarce and limited. Producing more workforces has been seen as a long-term solution for this problem.

Accelerated nursing programs are designed to accommodate people who already have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. It helps individuals to acquire BSN degree in record time. It is a condensed program, which is intellectually demanding. Students should have an admitting GPA of at least 3.0 and have to pass a meticulous entrance exam. This is a full-time commitment and it would be ideal if students will have to drop any unrelated work during the course of time. However, amidst all these, accelerated nursing programs offer great advantages and benefits for any individuals who aspire to be a nurse.

First and foremost, the primary benefit of this innovative program is that it lets you to finish the course in the shortest time as possible. This is very important since the earlier you graduate, the earlier you can choose the next step you want to take. You can choose to either work or pursue a higher related education.

Benefits Of Accelerated Nursing ProgramsAs you go along the program, you will see that the curriculum is very well suited for you. In addition, because it spans only for a short time, you only spend less energy and less money. Unlike other colleges or universities, they offer this course in longer time. This is especially advantageous for people who have limited budget and needs a fast way to earn a living. The course could be compact, rigorous and stressful. Remember, it is supposed to be finished in a span of four years. However, it was compressed in just 12 to 15 months. This may demand a great deal of effort and commitment from students, thus developing you as a competitive nurse and a matured well-rounded person.

It is also a great avenue to discover more friends and camaraderie with like mind. It is a very exciting endeavor in taking a new professional field in just a year. Imagine going back to school could bring back memories and could be very enjoyable for most of us.

It is true that accelerated nursing programs could be intimidating at first. However, all these would soon be forgotten as you go along the course. Before you know it, you are on your way to opening the great door of opportunities and into the wonderful world of nursing!


  1. Anena Spear says:

    I’m interested in a accelerated nursing program. I have a B.A. and also have taken psyc, and growth and development and AP 1k&2 and microbiology. All of my sciences I have A’s. I can go anywhere in the us.

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