The Top 7 Advantages Of A Career In Nursing

The top 7 benefits of a career in nursing are not immediately obvious. The first priority is to check what the requirements for nursing are in the area. A degree, either associate’s or bachelor’s is required in most places, with advanced degrees necessary for the various specializations. However, an assistant can begin without qualifications and get trained on the job.

Advantage 1

It is one of the few qualifications that allows a person to work anywhere in the world. It is a difficult job and staff are needed everywhere. A nursing career brings great respect and prestige with it. The self sacrifice implicit in taking care of others for a living reflects itself in the esteem that other people hold nurses in.

Advantage 2

There will always be work no matter how bad the economy is. The salaries are some of the highest available, with greater skills being rewarded with greater pay. A nurse makes an impact on the whole of society through their work.

Advantage 3

There are unlimited options in terms of which specialization practiced. Depending on what is wanted from a job, work in an office, private practice, hospital, government facility, charity organization or social services is available. Due to the number of health care facilities, work can be close to home and family, or on the other side of the world.

Advantage 4

It is easier to cope with the demands of a family if a job can be structured around personal needs. Working in a doctor’s office will mean eight hours a day, five days a week. Working in a hospital can allow one to do shift work to fit in with family demands.

Advantage 5

The physical requirements of the job require that the nurse remains fit and healthy. She/he needs to be able to cope with standing for long hours, and to be able to lift people. The packages for nursing positions include high benefits such as paid holidays, retirement savings and medical aid. The career brings good job stability and security. You cannot be made redundant as health care is always necessary.

Advantage 6

There is little chance of boring days. This is why so many TV programmes are made about the medical profession. From one moment to the next it is impossible to predict what will happen next. This gives a high level of personal satisfaction as yet another problem is continually solved.

Advantage 7

Finally, a nursing career is about helping people, which gives great satisfaction in being the person who helps another. Caring for a child who is ill or an adult who has had a large operation, the nurse is the person who is hands-on. Nurses really connect with a person who is ill. Other medical staff are concerned with aspects of their care, but a nurse looks after the whole person.

The top 7 advantages of a career in nursing laid out here, only touch the surface. The camaraderie in the medical profession is legendary and lifelong friendships result from long hours on the job. In addition, the satisfaction of a job well done is highly beneficial to one’s own psychological health. In the medical field, results clearly indicate when a job is well done.

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