What is the Timeframe to Complete an Accelerated Nursing Program?

There’s a lot of information available today about how long it takes to complete an accelerated nursing program. Of course, not all of that information is accurate, and much of it is contradictory from one place to another. Therefore, it’s important to set the record straight and find out once and for all how long an accelerated BSN will take you to complete, and what you should be expecting along the way.

One reason that there is so much conflicting information about the completion time for an accelerated nursing program is that everyone doesn’t understand that there are multiple options available depending on your needs and what you have or have not already done. Depending on your status and objectives, the length of time needed to complete your accelerated BSN can vary pretty substantially.

The shortest time possible to complete an accelerated nursing program will be about 10 or 11 months. This is for an accelerated BSN which is a second-degree program. Second degree programs are designed for individuals who already have a bachelors degree from another field and course of study. Therefore, the accelerated nursing program they enroll with skips all the introductory and generic courses, and gets right to the specific nursing classes, with as little in-between as possible.

Imagine sitting down today and knowing that in less than a year from where you are right now, you could be ready to start a brand new, rewarding career, with loads of job opportunities awaiting you? It’s a fantastic dream, and it’s entirely achievable.

Even if you already have a degree though, your accelerated BSN could end up taking a bit more time than that. It will be dependent not only on if you have a degree, but what courses you took during that process, and what grades you received from them. Classes like anatomy and biology are typically required, and if you didn’t take them and pass them with high grades, then those sorts of classes will need to be added to your curriculum, which makes for a slightly longer program length.

But even if you don’t already have a degree, there will still be an accelerated nursing program that you can take advantage of. These programs are lengthier and will cover everything you need to complete a bachelors. Still, with accelerated pacing, you can finish these up in about two years. That’s still about half the time, and a full two years less, than a traditional program would take, so you can see that it’s still a fantastic option when you’re trying to complete your studies as quickly as possible.

So what’s the timeframe to complete an accelerated nursing program? Depending on where you’re coming from, it could be anywhere from just 10 months to a bit over two years. Either way, it’s a fantastically short period of time to finish a bachelors degree, and be ready to enter a great, new field, enjoy an exciting career, and have all of the skills and knowledge you need to succeed at the highest levels.

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