Considerations When Choosing An Accelerated Nursing School

Going to nursing school is an important life decision. This is the first step to take to become a nurse someday. Nurses have to undergo training and only nursing programs can provide you the education and nursing training you need. The regular duration for a nursing bachelor’s degree is 4 years but if you want to finish quicker, an accelerated nursing degree program is available too.

Accelerated nursing degrees can be completed within 2 years. This will be a step for you to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing once you complete the degree program. The coursework for the BSN and Accelerated BSN is basically the same expect students have to work double time in order to finish school early. You must make sure that the accelerated nursing school provides you quality education. Here are the factors to consider when deciding on your school:

  • Accreditation- The accelerated nursing school should be accredited. If you want to finish schooling earlier than other schools, the school should provide you high quality education. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your efforts graduating early. Moreover, accredited accelerated nursing schools prepare you for the NCLEX better. Two organizations give accreditations. These are Commission on Collegiate Nursing and Education and National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. If the accelerated nursing school is accredited by these organizations, you can be rest-assured that it is a good one.
  • Programs- What programs does the accelerated nursing school offer. What are the requirements needed? Is the curriculum complete? You should compare accelerated nursing programs because every program will be different from the other. Aside from the coursework, compare the location, schedule and cost of the program. Further, check into the financial assistance programs the school offers.
  • NCLEX Passing Rate- If the accelerated nursing school has a high NCLEX passing rate, this proves that the school provides top quality instruction to students. A high passing rate is an indication that the school produces quality nursing graduates who are well-prepared to start working.

Again, the accelerated nursing school you will choose will be a huge factor in your nursing career. The institution should educate and train you. When you are looking for work, employers will recognize highly reputable schools and will think highly of your application too. Put these factors into consideration when deciding on the accelerated nursing school to apply in. It will prevent you in making crucial mistakes in your educational path and future career.

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