Distance Education For Nurses: Is This Advantageous?

As technology advances, educational institutions are trying to adapt as much as they can. Thanks to the internet, schools can now offer distance education to students who are studying abroad. In addition, this allows the school to accept more students during a semester. In combating today’s shortage of nurses, distance education proves to be a very helpful solution. This convenient way of learning is good encouragement and motivation for working students who want to become nurses.

What Is Distance Education?

From the term itself, you can tell that this is education from a distance. Distance learning need not be countries away. As long as you cannot attend on-site campus schooling and you prefer studying at home, this is considered as distance learning. With the accessibility of the internet, students who cannot afford to study full-time can study at home during their free time. This lessens the need to move to another country to earn a degree or even commute to school.

Distance Education For Nurses

Distance Education For NursesSchools all around the world are responding to the shortage of nurses especially in the US. As you know, nurses are very important people in the healthcare industry. With the continuous increase in sick patients every day, there is more demand for nurses. Distance education provides a solution to people who want to become nurses but it stuck at their current careers or work. Through enrolling in a distance education nursing program, they can keep working while working their way to becoming a nurse at the same time. This educational method provides convenience and flexibility to students.

Why should aspiring nurses or current nurses pick distance education? For aspiring nurses who live in the rural area that find it too inconvenient to travel to school every day, distance education is a great option. Distance learning is also great for aspiring nurses who are very busy with family and work. Working nurses who need to continue their education or obtain higher-level degrees to boost their nursing careers will benefit from this type of education too.

Distance Education Method Of Teaching

Distance LearningNursing schools online that offer non-traditional education courses analyze the best methods of teaching. Teaching strategies should suit the course and learning objectives. Strategies that are commonly used in teaching include teleconference, video conference, correspondence and computer-based materials. It will really depend on what type of distance education you are enrolled in. Is it the old type of distance education or is it online education already?

Correspondence is about sending learning materials like textbooks, audio and video CD/DVD through the mail. This is done in the old method of distance learning. For online education students, all learning materials are can be accessible online. There are times when the lecturer will require a teleconference or video conference among students to discuss an important subject matter. This will also help the students take part in rich classroom discussions when the topic needs insights.

Students and professors can communicate through e-mail or chat groups. If the school is near you, you can do student visits to get to know the faculty better. This will help improve your communication. Some schools offer telephone tutorials too.

The Advantages Of Distance Learning For Nurses

Distance learning has many advantages for aspiring nurses. You should know what these are to know what you should be looking forward. One of the advantages is the flexibility of your schedule. Since there is no class schedule to follow, you can complete your coursework anytime as long as you submit the deadline. You can also work anywhere you want as long since study materials can be brought with you. This flexibility allows students to continue their commitments while studying. There is no reason to sacrifice one for the other.

Distance Education Nursing Another advantage for nursing students is that there is no need to commute from home or work to the school. This saves them the effort and inconvenience plus costly gas and commuting expenses. Distance learning students study at home and submit assignments from there.

Nursing students are not only limited to the schools in their locale. Through choosing a distance education school, they are presented with numerous choices. This is extremely beneficial for students who live in an area where there are no to very little nursing schools. With more options, you are more likely to find the degree and coursework that suits you.

Distance learning courses are cheaper compared to on-campus education. Students who are tight on a budget can really benefit from this. Since you do not have to pay for the facilities, you will only be charged for the tuition fee and the learning materials. The reduction in the overall cost is quite significant.

Working nurses who need to boost their nursing careers will find the solution in distance education courses. They do not have to stop working just to earn a higher-level degree but they can do both. Keeping the job means your income is continuous yet you are on your way to getting a higher degree which can bring in more career opportunities for you.

Distance Education Nursing Degrees Available

Since nursing degrees are very popular today and there is a big need to produce more quality nurses, there are plenty of nursing degrees offered through distance education. If you want to become a nurse assistant or a practical nurse, you can go for an associate degree in nursing. If you want to become a registered nurse, you should go for a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Now, if you want to specialize in a nursing field like pediatric, ambulatory or oncology nursing, you must obtain a master’s degree. A master’s degree is also need for nurses who want to apply for managerial positions in the healthcare facility.

Distance education nursing degrees may not solve the problem of nursing shortage but it is truly a big help. It offers an alternative educational path for aspiring nurses to actually become a healthcare professional. With all the advantages it has to offer, is there any reason why you should not go for distance education?

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