A Career As A Licensed Practical Nurse – What You Can Expect

Are you planning to become a licensed practical nurse? The profession of LPNs is quite unique because the educational requirement is longer than certified nursing assistants or medical assistants yet it is quite simple. Compared to RNs, the degree needed to become a LPN is shorter and the job is much easier too. In short, licensed practical nurses are the perfect middle ground between entry-level nursing jobs and intensive jobs of RNs.

Before you finally decide if you want to become a LPN, here are some things you can expect during the training and in your career:

LPN Training

  • You can expect that you can complete the training program in 9-12 months if you study full-time. This training program will include classroom work and clinical rotations. For part-time students, you can expect to finish the training within 2 years.
  • You can expect the training to focus on teaching you real-world nursing skills and building your hands-on experience in caring for patients. The training will be highly focused on preparing you to be a LPN, which is why such programs require that you pass basic English and math tests.
  • You can expect that LPN training program to provide intense medical training. Do not expect spending time on general education subjects. With the short time-frame, you need to learn everything you need quickly. The classroom sessions will be lengthy and there will be research assignments left and right. You should also expect working with a team.

LPN Career

  • In your LPN career, you can expect that most of your duties and responsibilities will be hands-on patient care. You will work in a controlled environment.
  • You can expect to be managed by registered nurses, as they will assign your tasks to you. You can expect to work with different patients and do routine tasks like checking height, weight, blood pressure and temperature.
  • You should expect that patients would be highly dependent on your assistance once they are admitted in a hospital or medical facility. These people are sick and often helpless, you should expect their calls throughout the day when they need your help.
  • Other duties you should expect to do are keeping patient records, observing, administering medicine, tracking progress, communicating with family members and assisting the head physician.
  • Even though you do not diagnose a patient or develop a treatment plan for the patient, you should expect to make a huge impact in the patient’s life and recovery.

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