Forensic Nursing: Is This The Right Nursing Specialization For You?

Nurses are involved in the forefront of providing patient care.  They are the healthcare professionals that are there on the emergency rooms meeting the patient needing immediate care.  It is no surprise that nursing career is still in demand in various communities.  The medical industry is increasing in giving the utmost healthcare to the patients with technological advantages.  With this, the nurses are also continuously diversifying, as medicine is getting more specific.  One of the newest additions to the nursing specializations is that of the forensic nursing.

Forensic nursing is the integration of clinical nurse specialist with familiarization in evidence collection and legal system.  This means that the forensic nurse is involved in handling victims in emergency rooms as they arrive to be given appropriate care.  Through training, the forensic nurse is able to collect evidence, create point of contact with the victim and support the victim while getting details on what had transpired.  Along with the forensic nurse physicians who are also there together with law enforcements as well as family members if present.  The nurse may be tasked to document what the victim has to say both for medical and legal purposes.  Forensic nurses are those that testify in court regarding the patient condition and collected evidence.

To become a forensic nurse, the minimum requirement is a bachelor science in nursing.  Licensure examination as registered nurse is also a requisite.  The career of a forensic nurse starts at being assigned in the emergency room and dealing with the victims brought in.  Getting a certification in forensic nursing is an option but can give better credentials.  To have the advantage as a forensic nurse, pursuing a master’s degree in forensic nursing will be a good move.  Taking further education in forensic nursing will open job opportunities such as legal medical expert witnesses and death investigators.

Forensic nursing is a tough job, as the nurse should know how to handle sensitive cases and the whole situation could be traumatic.  Being strong-willed and objective is part of the daily routine in completing tasks.  It is not as glamorous as television may seem to pull in various medical professions.  Forensic nurses should be dedicated in their posts in order to guide the law officers in finding the truth.  If you find this very interesting as a career, then follow the path of a nursing career that leads to becoming a forensic nurse.

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