How Important Is Continuing Education In Your Nursing Career?

Every day, the world is changing. What you learned 5 years ago is not at all times happening today. Since the world is fast advancing, your knowledge should be updated too. In the case of healthcare services and practices, nurses and physicians should always be updated with the latest and newest. This is why healthcare providers are encouraged to pursue continuing education.

Continuing education prepares nurses for the changing world. They learn the new developments, which they can apply when taking care of patients. Through continuing education, nurses receive training and this is also necessary for nurses who want to become advanced nurses or . What are the reasons why continuing education is so important in a nursing career?

  • Continuing Education And Your Nursing CareerTechnology- The changing technology and its uses in the healthcare industry is something all nurses should learn and adapt to. Technology is here to make processes more efficient and help make work easier. Nurses need proper training to be able to use the new machines, software or equipment properly. They can learn this from continuing education courses.
  • Career Advancement- Continuing education is essential for nurses who aim for continuous career advancement. First, a person who wants to become a licensed practical nurse will have to undergo 12 months training in order to become one. To become a registered nurse, the LPN should continue her education and undergo 2-4 years of schooling. To gain higher education, the RN continues her education to earn a master’s or doctorate degree. Nurses can also pick their specialization through continuing education.
  • Increased Opportunities and Pay – Continuing education opens new doors in your career. Since you have more knowledge, you can apply for better jobs with better pay.
  • Viral Sickness- If you can recall the H1N1 virus, many people were infected. Such cases need special nurses who have been trained to care for patients who are infected. Proper training for special situations can be received from continuing education.
  • Requirement- Various states require nurses to continue their education. For instance, nurses in Michigan are required to take part in continuing education courses and seminars two years after renewing their nursing license. They should complete 25 hours of continuing education. This ensures that nurses know and are skilled to provide the best care possible.

As you can see, continuing education is very important in a nursing career. It makes nurses prepared and ready for the new challenges that they will face.

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