How To Get A Nursing Job If You Have Not Worked For A While?

You have taken a break from your nursing career because you got pregnant and you need to care for your baby. Now that your child has grown-up, you want to go back to your nursing career and help earn money for the family. This long break for your nursing job is not good for your career and it can be a daunting task looking for a new job. Nonetheless, this is still possible if you know what to do. We know that getting back to your career will need effort as you have been absent from the healthcare industry for a while.

Some Tips On How You Can Get A Nursing Job Again If You Have Not Worked For A While

  • Join the RTP Program

You should join the return to practice (RTP) program by the National Health Service Trusts. This program helps prepare returning nurses in the healthcare industry. It helps in the re-entry of nurses and it is a requirement for nurses who are returning to practice. The program will train and educate you once again to enable you to work in different clinical settings and apply for different nursing jobs.

To be eligible for the RTP program, you have to undergo assessment during the application process. The assessment will include a criminal record check, occupational health check and NMC verification. There will be two references required. One should be from your last employer and another is a reference from a professional person.

To join the RTP program, you should contact the NHS and ask about the requirements needed to get inside the program. You can also check their website to get more information.

  • Re-establish Contact

After re-registering with the NHS, it is time to make an effort in re-establishing contact with nursing agencies and employers. Now that you are prepared to work again, you can contact nursing homes or hospitals that are in need of nurses. You can also contact former staff and employers and let them know that you are returning to work again. Since they know you already, they might find an available position for you.

  • Be Updated

Being away from the workforce will make your nursing skills rusty. Aside from the return to practice program, you have to update yourself with the latest in the nursing world. Read nursing magazines and visit nursing websites to learn the new theory, practice and skills.

Returning to the workforce will be a challenge but you have to accept it with open arms. Once you break in the healthcare industry, you will reap the rewards and benefits of being a nurse once again.

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