How To Succeed In The Pediatric Nursing Career

More often than not, most people only go for being a registered nurse when nursing is aspired.  The nursing career does not start and end at being a registered nurse.  Nurses are healthcare providers that are basically everywhere in any medical facility.  They are the front liners when it comes to giving patient care.  This means that the nursing career is vast and other than stopping as a registered nurse, further advancement can be looked into.  Nursing specializations can be pursued to have more advantage in getting more focused positions in the nursing field.  One of these nursing specializations to choose is the pediatric nursing.

Pediatric nurses are the nurses tasked to handle patients from infants to teenagers.  This means that aside from monitoring the children, pediatric nurses also deal with the parents or guardians especially when the patients cannot yet understand.  Proper medical information must be given to the parents in order to guide them in taking care of their children to prevent the illness to come back. Pediatric nurses can be found in all healthcare institutions that take in children to teenagers such as pediatrician clinic, neonatal ICU, emergency room and operating room.

To succeed in being as a pediatric nurse, it is essential to gain a license as a registered nurse.  This entails preparing during high school with exposure to nursing subjects and doing volunteer work at the local hospital.  Maintaining high grades in high school is also beneficial as this can gain scholarships in the nursing degree.  Minimum requirement to qualify for the RN licensure exam is an associate degree in nursing.  After the NCLEX-RN is taken and passed, the aspiring pediatric nurse can now work as a registered nurse.  From there, getting as much experience in the pediatric field is a must.  However, certification in pediatric nursing is not necessary but can add credentials.

To further the career as a pediatric nursing and to focus on this specialization, one can seek a master’s degree in pediatric nursing.  Accomplishing this will give a title of pediatric nursing practitioner or PNP.  This can potentially increase advancement and also in the earning capacity as a pediatric nurse.  PNPs receive annual average salary at $80,000.  Other than the education, it is also important that a pediatric nurse have the passion to be with children.  Dedication in the work as well as enthusiasm will give the pediatric nurse the satisfaction in the job, which equates to being successful.

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