Is A Public Health Nurse The Career That Suits You?

Are you still confused on what type of nurse you want to be? Have you given thought about becoming a public health nurse? A public health nurse is someone who works with the community and promotes healthy living. Public health nurses help in prevention of diseases and providing healthcare services to the less fortunate. Being a public health nurse may not be as glamorous as working in first-class hospitals, but working with people in your own community is very rewarding.

The Career Of A Public Health Nurse

A career in public health nursing gives you the opportunity to work close with a community. Here, you can teach them about the different diseases and how to prevent them from getting it. You will teach the community about healthy lifestyle and why they need it. Public health nurses can work with non-profit agencies, government and private organizations to deliver healthcare services to the community for free.

Public health nurses are registered nurses. They are trained in community health and working with communities. Public health nurses are expected to give assistance when there are community health concerns such as outbreaks. They are also the ones who provide free check-ups and immunizations to children. Public health nurses play an important role in helping under-served communities who are financially incapable to go to hospitals for check-ups.

Working As A Public Health Nurse

Working As A Public Health NurseThe job responsibilities of a public health nurse include providing healthcare services to community members and arranging for standard immunizations. Public health nurses help investigate disease outbreaks. They are responsible in educating the community about proper nutrition and preventative care. Public health nurses develop disease prevention programs for communities and they participate in disaster preparedness programs as well.

Public health nurses can choose to work with low-income families. Public health nurses can specialize in post-natal care, pregnancy and birth, special needs, children’s growth, emotional health, sexual health and reproductive health.

Public health nurses earn $69,800 a year. This competitive salary is just right for the demanding job PHNs have. In every city, public health nurses are responsible for moving health information around communities. They ensure the health of the public and prevent the spread of diseases. They help low-income families to be assessed, diagnosed and treated. They are dependable, high communicable and respectable. To become a public health nurse, one has to earn a bachelor’s degree and earn a license. Getting additional training in community health is needed too.

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