Is Nursing The Right Career Choice For You?

The decision about what career path to choose will be one of the most life-changing decisions you will make. There will be plenty of things that will come to your mind. Which one will you prioritize, passion, salary, career outlook or rewards? Each individual is different but at the end of the day, everyone just wants a fulfilling career that allows him or her to earn good money. Will a nursing career provide you this?

The shortage of nurses is something that everyone is aware of. The federal government has taken steps to encourage students to take up nursing in order to bring the supply of nurses up. There are financial assistance programs for nurses to help them complete the nursing education needed. If you are thinking about being a nurse because of its rewards, have you asked yourself if this is the right career choice for you?

Picking a career is like picking your partner in life. Your decision should last for a lifetime. You should be ready to commit to it in order for you to have a fruitful career. There are plenty of reasons why people choose to become a nurse, here are some of them:

  • A nursing career’s growth is immense. There is always room for career advancement with nursing which means more earning power. You will not be stuck in specific job but you can apply for other positions as long as you are qualified. At first, you will be a bedside nurse but later on, you can apply as a clinical manager or shift leader. If you wanted to be a teacher, a nurse can also be an educator.
  • A nursing career is secure. When you graduate with bachelor’s degree in nursing, finding a job will not be tough. You will realize that you are having an easier time looking for work compared to your friends who are not nurses. The reality is that people are always getting sick and the need for nurses will never end.
  • The 12-hour shifts have a good side after all. What many dread about a nursing career are the long and demanding shifts. With all the things that a nurse has to do, 12 hours is actually a good period to complete their tasks. The best part is that they have longer days off if they pull off multiple 12-hour shifts in a week.

After you have read this, it is time for you to decide if a nursing career is the right choice for you. Nonetheless, you should know that majority of nurses are very happy and fulfilled with their jobs.

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