Job Outlook For The Nursing Field In The Next 10 Years

Nursing is one of the most popular professions in the healthcare industry today. In hospitals, home care facilities, private health institutions, and even in community health centers, nurses are the main healthcare professionals that provide direct care and services to patients. It can be expected that work opportunities for this profession will increase in the coming years and various institutions especially in the United States proved this prediction.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for nursing profession especially registered nurses will grow about 26% from year 2010 to 2020. There are many reasons that contributed to the great employment increase for nursing professions.

  • One is the increasing population all over the world. With larger population, more people will eventually need medical attention and healthcare services. Professional nurses are the first healthcare professionals who provide basic services for patients making them in demand in various health service settings.
  • The significant growth for nursing job outlook is also brought about by the increasing number of aging baby boomers. As more baby boomers reaching old age, more healthcare professionals like nurses will be needed in order to provide special care and services to people with old age.
  • Health and technological advancements are also major factors for the increasing demand for nursing professionals. With these advancements, more types of diseases and health problems will be successfully treated. This will make healthcare services better and appealing for people suffering from specific illness increasing the need for nurses, doctors and other healthcare experts.
  • More nurses will also be needed in the next 10 years due to the increasing awareness and emphasis for preventive care. More health care facilities will be established to provide preventive care while more people will be willing to undergo various health services in order to prevent potential health problems.

Large percentage of the total increase in job employment for nursing professions came from the large demand in hospitals settings. Other work settings expected to open more job opportunities for nurses are private healthcare offices like physician’s offices, and home healthcare services.

Based on the employment projections data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from the 2.7 million job employment for nurses in 2010, the projected job employment in 2020 will be 3.5 million. However, nurses may still face tough job employment especially in work settings like physician’s offices and private care centers because these settings offer the best working conditions and working hours for nurses.

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