Jobs For A Nurse Outside The Hospital

By the time, you earned your license as a nurse there is a plethora of jobs that will be available for you. While there are almost 60 percent of nurses who work in hospitals, it should be noted that there are still many avenues for a nurse waiting to be explored. If you want to have other options aside from working as a nurse, you may want to continue reading and discover other areas or facilities in which a nurse is commonly working.

A nurse can be employed in clinic where they work with a physician. These clinics can also be a physician’s office, lying-ins, surgery centers, medical emergency facilities, and community health centers. Nurses will have to assist physicians in administering medications and injections, apply and remove bandages, clean wounds, perform physical assessment, assisting in minor operation, and do documentation and recording.

A nurse can also work in nursing homes. Usually, elderly people who suffer from debilitating and degenerative diseases are residents in nursing homes. The usual jobs of nurses in nursing homes are more on supervisory or administrative nature. Occasionally, they attend to patients and monitor their condition. The data they gathered will be relayed to the physicians.

Some nurse work as a private nurse. People who want to stay home while they are being treated or recovering from illnesses hire them. Private Nurses are especially adept in providing individualized care. They try to treat a patient based on the level of their health. In some cases, a nurse may also cater a whole family, from their youngest to their oldest.

Public nurses work in community setting. They may work together with non-government or government sectors. The special focus of a public nurse is to promote health and wellness rather than curing sickness, though they still perform the latter. It is important to note that a public nurse will have to collaborate with the local government and the community itself to be effective in preventing diseases and to attain higher level of wellness.

Other nurses work in the industrial or commercial areas. They are commonly known as company nurses. They take care of the staff and personnel of the company and attend to minor injuries and illnesses. They are the ones who will determine if further medical attention is needed.

It is important that you make the right choice when it comes to choosing which place you will work in. Because by doing so, you will have a higher chance to be satisfied in your work.


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