Nursing Career: Expectations To Be Met

All your educational preparation leads you to the path of your career. Your career is what you will practically do for the next 20-40 years. If you think about becoming a nurse, you have to be 100% sure that this is the right career for you. A nurse’s job is quite demanding and challenging but hard work is always greatly rewarded in this profession. To help you make an informed decision of whether to pursue a nursing career or not, here are some expectations to be met:

  • Certification- One of the things to expect in a nursing career is the need to be certified right after you graduate with a degree. You can only become a full-pledged registered nurse if you pass the NCLEX-RN exam then get certification. Each state has different eligibility requirements to sit in the exam.
  • Nursing CareerWorking Shifts- Back in the days, nurses often complain of not being able to choose their work shifts but now, you can expect hospitals to be more flexible. Since they highly value the work of nurses, they offer flexible work schedules to nurses. Not only will this keep nurses happy about their jobs, it is healthier for them too.
  • Huge Demand- You can expect a huge demand in nurses, which is why it is a field that continues to grow. You are doing your part in supplying the demand by simply graduating and become a registered nurse. There are many jobs available for nurses because of the increase in aging population that needs special health care attention.
  • Good Pay- As a nurse, you can expect high pay. This high pay is influenced by the shortage and demand of nurses in the healthcare industry. You can expect to earn $20-$36 an hour for your starting wage. There are hospitals that offering hiring bonuses to encourage nurses to get on board right after graduating.
  • Challenges And Demands- A factor influencing the pay is the demanding job of a nurse; as early as now, you should expect this already. A nursing career is not for everyone. Every shift is busy and you may not even have time to take a break with all the things to do. There will be light days but most are busy days. Nurses can be called to work extra-shifts.

You can expect the industry to take care of nurses, as they are very special in the healthcare industry. A nurse might be asked to work longer shifts or asked to work extra shifts they are well compensated for it. Do you think your expectations for this career is met?

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