Nursing Careers: What Are Your Options?

If you will do some reading, you will find so many good reasons why nursing is a fulfilling career to have. Nursing is for compassionate people and wants to lend a hand to people who are in need. They will devote their life to caring for people they do not really know. It is an all-day job and even if a nurse is not at work, they have the responsibility to help others in need. For some people, nursing is a job with too much pressure but for nurses, they would not trade this job for anything in the world.

Aside from the emotional fulfillment it brings, a nursing career is financially rewarding too. Nurses like the security and stability of a nursing job. With the high demand for healthcare services today, they feel confident that they will have their jobs for a long while. Obviously, a nursing career is a great career path to take but there is a long way to go in order to become a nurse. You cannot reap the rewards without hard work and effort.

What Are Your Options In A Nursing Career?

  • The lowest level of nursing practice that you can start with is a licensed practical nurse. Training to become a LPN will only take a year or two. You can study in a vocational or technical college. LPNs have limited functions and they work under RNs.
  • A registered nurse is what most nursing students want to be. RNs are the most preferred healthcare workers in a medical setting. Registered nurses have to earn a bachelor’s degree, which takes 3-4 years to complete. However, if you are in a rush, you can take an accelerated BSN nursing program and you can earn your degree within 2 years.
  • After becoming a registered nurse, you can continue your education by pursuing a higher-level degree like a master’s degree or doctorate degree. When you continue your education, you can become a specialized nurse. Some of the specialties include pediatric, gerontology, neonatal, nurse anesthetist and many more. You can apply for higher-level job positions in a healthcare facility. You can be a nurse manager.

There are so many options for you in a nursing career and this will just depend on what area you want to focus on. You can work as a private nurse, school nurse or a travel nurse. You can even be a nursing professor or educator. The key is getting education and training to be able to choose different nursing job options in your career.

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