Other Highly Paid Nursing Careers You Should Consider

The top paid nursing careers include certified registered nurse anesthetist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, nursing research, certified nurse midwifery and pediatric endocrinology nurse. If you are not really excited with any of these careers, there are other highly paid nursing careers you can focus on.

Aside from settings your eyes on a specific career, planning the details of your career early on is a must. You should also know the ways on how you can boost your nursing career to earn more pay. A nursing career, whatever job title you have, is challenging and demanding. The healthcare industry is in need of high quality nurses to provide healthcare services to patients. It is willing to highly compensate nurses for their hard work.

Highly Paid Nursing Careers You Might Want

A Neonatal Nurse has an average salary of $74,000 but the median expected salary is $100,073. What does a neonatal nurse do? These nurses care for sick newborn babies and babies born prematurely. They work with physicians to assist the needs of newborn babies. Neonatal nurses take orders from the physician and implement the healthcare service needed. They record results of tests, make observations and relay all findings to the physician. A Certified Neonatal Nurse has to earn a master’s degree and get a certification. The nurse should already be registered and has 2-4 years of work experience in neonatal nursing.

 Nursing CareersIf you do not like working with babies, you may want to work with the seniors. This specialty is called Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. The average salary is $75,000 a year. Gerontological Nurse Practitioners specialize in geriatrics, which means that they hold advanced degrees. GNPs treat old-aged patients with long-term and debilitating conditions. With the advance training, GNPs can diagnose and help manage a patient’s condition. The GNP is the one to provide patient regular assessments and inform the family members about the results. It is important that gerontological nurse practitioners pay attention to making sure the patient is comfortable.

Have you given thought on becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist? The average salary is $76,000 but the median expected salary is $89,960. A clinical nurse specialist develops standards of nursing care and quality services in a healthcare facility. He or she makes sure that all staff nurses meet the standards set. A CNS also has to check the impact of healthcare services to the patient to check what needs improving. This job requires a master’s degree and at least 5 years of work experience. This is a managerial job as a CNS will handle people. Further, the CNS has to make sure that all staff nurses are competent and qualified.

A nurse practitioner is someone who provides preventative healthcare services. The average salary is $78,000 a year while the median expected salary is $91,021. Nurse practitioners provide primary care for medically underserved areas. The common nurse practitioner specialties include adult practice, family care, acute care, women’s health, pediatrics and geriatrics. A nurse practitioner can independently examine and treat patients. They provide services like disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner requires a master’s degree in a specialty field and a certification. The nurse should be registered already.

How about becoming an orthopedic nurse? The average salary for orthopedic nurses is $81,000 a year. An orthopedic nurse is someone who treats patients suffering from musculoskeletal ailments. This includes arthritis and joint replacement. The nurse will monitor the patient’s condition and ensure that the patient is comfortable. An orthopedic nurse may be present in surgeries to assist the surgeon in performing delicate procedures.

What You Can Do To Increase Your Salary

If you are really determined to make it big as a nurse, you have put in huge effort to achieve your goals. In the field of nursing, as long as you are willing to get higher level of education and work hard, the healthcare industry will reward your appropriately. Here are some of the things you can do to boost your nursing career and increase your salary:

Women feel a bit more hesitant about negotiating salary raises compared to men. You should be comfortable in doing this. Otherwise, you will fall behind. If you believe that you deserve a raise in your salary and your nursing qualifications are proof, do not think twice about negotiating for a salary raise. It will also help to do some research on your nursing career and make salary comparisons. You should know how much your skills are worth before you start negotiating for a salary raise or a new nursing job.

Nursing SalaryTo increase your salary, you have to update your skills. You must aim to get more certifications and complete training programs. The healthcare industry wants to continuously improve and so should you. If you update your knowledge and skills, employers will see you as a dedicated and valuable employee. Giving you a salary raise will not be a problem. In addition, going back to school will be very helpful in updating and increasing your knowledge and skills. However, you must make sure that studying again will pay off. Nursing education is not cheap but your employer may be willing to sponsor your education. At this point, it is best to enroll in an accredited online school so you can keep working. Go for earning a higher-level degree. This can easily boost your salary.

Just like work experience, loyalty is rewarded highly in the healthcare industry. As you gain more work experience, your value increases. If you stay with an employer for years, not only will you get several salary raises but you will be given great benefits too. To earn great pay with your nursing career, you must devote a lot of time in your work. It pays to be dedicated and committed in this career.

If you already earned the degree you wanted, taking continuing education courses or other certificate programs can also increase your salary. The more training and classes you get then the more competent of a nurse you become.

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