Qualities Needed To Be An Effective Emergency Care Nurses

Real life emergency care nurses may be the most interesting specialization in the nursing profession. Because of the unpredictability and fast-events that might occur in the emergency room, people are fascinated of what it is like to be an emergency care nurse. While this might be the case, being a nurse in the emergency room is not for everyone. There are many things that you should consider before deciding to be a nurse.

Qualities Of A Good Emergency Care Nurse


There are certain qualities that emergency care nurses should possess. It is not advisable that you will decide immediately to take on the career path without thinking if you are fit with the job. The following are some of the good qualities that an emergency nurse should possess.

  • Heart to serve – if you are just motivated by just moneymaking, though that can be a valid reason to be an ER nurse, you might end-up easily stressed or burn-out. You must have the passion of giving yourself to other people.
  • Qualities Of A Good Emergency Care NurseGood interpersonal communication – this is very important. As a nurse, you will encounter different types of people who are under pressure and depressing situations. You need to know what to say and not to say in various events. Not only that, you need to effectively communicate with other healthcare providers to make no room for errors.
  • High energy level – nursing is for mature people. They are required to stand and walk for a very long time, need to interact with a different people, and need to attend to various client needs. For this reason, emergency care nurses should be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit.
  • Critical thinking – this is a crucial quality that every ER nurse should possess. Without critical thinking, the effectiveness of a nurse greatly depreciates. Critical thinking allows a nurse to perform optimal healthcare services with the minimal supervision from the physician. Under dire situation, critical thinking helps a nurse to think fast and to decide which nursing intervention is a priority.

Of course, there are other qualities a nurse should have but the qualities mentioned above are the most essential. If you think you possess these qualities, then you might just seriously consider being a nurse. You need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing and pass a licensure exam according to your country’s regulation. After that, you need to earn more experience and additional education. All these will prepare you to be one of the most effective emergency care nurses.

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