Reasons You May Want To Be A Traveling Nurse

Are you someone who loves to travel and cannot stand staying in the same place for long? If you are then you are probably problematic about the career you want to pursue. While being a flight attendant will suit your traveling lifestyle, this does not fulfill your dream of caring for people. What you should be is a travel nurse. What is it? A travel nurse is a nurse that goes to different locations to provide healthcare services to a client. There are plenty of reasons why you should become a traveling nurse, check them out here:

  • Travel- Even though you are a nurse, you have the luxury to travel places. Traveling nurses do not just travel from state to state; they can work in different countries too. This is a great chance for your explore different countries and learn different cultures while you are at work. Your assignments will have varying durations. Some will hire you for a week’s work while other assignments can last a year. Although an assignment is not a vacation, it is still an opportunity to work outside your homeland.
  • To Be A Traveling NurseGreat Pay-If you are not aware, travel nurses are among the best-paid nurses in the U.S. They are paid from $21-$48 an hour. The salary will depend on your work experience and the location where you will be assigned to work. There are countries that will pay more than the others will. The travel nurse agency will offer you sign on bonuses and completion bonuses. There are even those that will give a bonus if you choose to renew a contract. The high pay for travel nurses has a lot to do with their flexibility and ability to travel anywhere in the world. This is not something that all nurses can do.
  • Health Benefits- Apart from the good pay, the travel nurse agency will give you health benefits too. Most often, a fully paid medical insurance is free and if you want to add your family, you will pay a reasonable fee. Included in the health benefits are dental insurance, accident coverage, life insurance and short-term disability. Of course, your agency should protect you when you work outside the country. They are responsible for your safety and well-being.

Travel nursing jobs have its pros and cons so it is definitely not for everyone. Nurses with families will have a hard time adjusting to the traveling lifestyle and leaving the family behind. On the other hand, if you are single and hoping to save a lot of money in a nursing career, a travel nurse should be the perfect job.

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