The Difference Between A Travel Nurse And A Home Nurse

When pursuing a nursing career, what type of nurse do you want to be? Do you prefer a travel nurse or a home nurse? Duties for both nurses are mostly the same but the main difference lies in their work set-up and working environment. There are benefits for both and it will really boil down to which type of work will suit you better. Let us take a look at the differences between a travel nurse and a home nurse below:

Home Nurse

  • There are many cases when people need nursing care at home. People who are incapacitated or are very old will look for long-term home nursing care instead. Nurses can be part of home nursing agencies or can be freelancers.
  • The type of care provided will depend on what the patient needs. Nurses visit the home to give care that caregivers cannot provide. Often, home nursing is a live-in position especially if the patient needs round-the-clock care and monitoring.
  • There are people who prefer staying at home to get nursing care. If the doctor allows this, then a home nurse is needed to make sure that the patient’s health is stable and there is low risk of complications.
  • Home nurses help with physical therapy, administer medication, check medical devices and make sure everything is well for the patient. Sometimes, they offer patient care like helping a patient bathe or go to the bathroom. Basically, they attend to everything that the patient needs.

Travel Nurse

  • Travel nurses are part of an agency that will assign temporary jobs for them. Assignments will last 13-15 weeks. The housing and travel of travel nurses are paid and they earn more than the average employee does.
  • After the short-term contract, a travel nurse might be invited to stay for a longer-term or he or she can take on a new assignment. Travel nurses perform the same duties as most nurses but they are required to have at least 6 years of nursing experience. Travel nurses are expected to know what they need to do when they accept an assignment. They can work with little instruction.
  • Travel nurses can be assigned to obstetrics to help in the delivery of newborn babies. The whole duration of their nursing care will start from the delivery, cleaning the baby, feeding and soothing baby and caring for mother and baby throughout their stay.
  • Travel nurses can also be assigned to work in nursing homes and care for the elders. They perform tasks like monitoring patient health and keeping medical records.

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