Training and Qualifications For Medical Assistants Explained

Medical Assistants play an important role in the efficient work of nurses and doctors. They usually assist physicians, do a wide range of administrative duties, and provide health care services for patients in outpatient clinics and doctor’s offices and clinics. Becoming a Medical Assistant can be a very fulfilling and exciting job since you get to help patients with health problems and assist professional doctors with their practices, while earning sufficient income to support your various needs.

To become a licensed Medical Assistant, you need to earn a diploma in high school. After high school, you can choose the fastest route to become a Medical Assistant, which is a 1-year vocational course in medical assistance usually offered by community colleges and health institutions. However, this course program will only qualify you for entry-level jobs for Medical Assistants. If you want to gain better career opportunities as a Medical Assistant, you need to take a higher course program preferably a 2-year associate degree program in Medical Assistance.

Before enrolling in an Associate Degree program in Medical Assistance, you should first check if the school you want to enroll and their medical assistance education program. If such programs are indeed accredited by the regulating bodies in your country or state. Two main agencies that handle the accreditation for medical assistance schools and education programs are the CAAHEP or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, and the ABHES or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. Only students that finished an accredited medical assistance course program will be approved to take the certification exam to become a certified and licensed Medical Assistant.

Earning an associate degree in Medical Assistance also offers wider career and education options compared to just earning a vocational course in medical assistance. With an associate degree, certified Medical Assistants can proceed to higher education and earn a higher degree related to the medical and health field. Associate degree program in Medical Assistance usually include coursework in human anatomy, pharmacology, medical terminologies and insurance procedures.

Aside from the education and knowledge earned through the course program, you should also learn to develop interpersonal skills required for the job. To be a good Medical Assistant, you need to have excellent communication skills, both in verbal, and written language. It is important that a medical assistant knows how to effectively and properly communicate with patients and medical professionals they are working with. The license for Medical Assistants is usually applicable for five years so they are required to renew license every five years.

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