What Does A Cardiac Nurse Do?

Registered nurses can further their careers when they choose to focus on one medical field and specialize.  There are various nursing specializations to choose from and one of them is that of cardiac nursing.  Cardiac nurses are those assigned in areas that attend to patients with any kind of cardiac condition.  A special unit where cardiac nurses typically work is at the Cardiac Care Unit or CCU in a medical facility.  Such health problems include patients with arrhythmia to patient that requires heart transplant.

As with other nurses in the health care service, cardiac nurses provide proper patient care to those with heart ailments.  The difference in being a cardiac nurse is the ability to react immediately in an emergency situation, as cardiac disorders require fast action.  Cardiac nurses are well trained to assist the cardiologists in doing procedures that a patient may need.  Other than this, a cardiac nurse is knowledgeable on monitoring stress tests and ensuring that the physician’s protocols are properly followed.  It is also the responsibility of the cardiac nurse to help educate the family and the patient to understand the heart problem and to comply with lifestyle changes as well as medical maintenance if necessary.

To work in a cardiac care facility, the minimum requirement is to become a registered nurse.  But in order to practice in a critical care cardiac facility, it is essential to gain a certification as well as advanced degree.  The certification and advanced degree will enable a registered nurse to be called a Cardiac Nurse Specialist.  This will allow a cardiac nurse to handle tasks that are more challenging as well as handle supervisory positions in the cardiac facility.  There are two distinctions offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center or ANCC namely Cardiac Vascular Nurse and Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse.  To be able to sit in for an advance examination, clinical experience of 2000 hours is the minimum requirement.

Cardiac nurses are increasing in demand as baby boomers are aging and they expect to live long and active lives.  With the help of the cardiac nurses, they are well informed on how to achieve such lifestyle.  Cardiac nursing can be a tough job as dealing with patients having heart problems can be draining.  But then seeing them recover and get healed with the care provided as a cardiac nurse, this make the job worthwhile.  Do not stop at being a registered nurse only as there is room for advancement and cardiac nursing is one of them.

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