What Does Medical Assistant Training Program Include

Medical assistants are becoming more in demand today due to the growing demand for health and medical services. However, just like other jobs in the medical and health field, people who are aspiring to become a medical assistant should first complete the training programs required to become one. There are a lot of degree programs and courses to choose from in order to become a certified medical assistant.

One option is to enroll in medical assistance vocational course. The training program for this course includes theories and training in medical assistance practices. Some of the common subjects or training included in vocational medical assistance course programs are medical terminologies, transcriptions, insurance procedures, and various office practices. Medical assistance vocational courses are the shortest and fastest route to become a medical assistant since the training program can be completed within one year. However, most vocational medical assistance graduates can only apply and work for entry-level medical assistance jobs.

If you want better career options as a medical assistant, the best option is to take an associate degree in medical assistance. Compared to the vocational course program, associate degree programs in medical assistance require 2 years of trainings for completion. Although the course program is longer, people earning this degree can apply for better jobs as a medical assistant therefore they can earn better pay. Associate medical assistance training programs also include the basic education taught in vocational training programs however, there are additional in-depth trainings especially in the medical field.

In associate medical assistance training programs, people are required to take courses in physiology, anatomy, administration of medications, laboratory techniques, some clinical procedures, pharmaceutical principles, accounting, various medical laws, practices, and ethics. After finishing the 2 years training program, graduates of medical assistance associate program can take the certification exam administered by the nursing board.

Although other certifications are not required, getting certifications from various organizations like the AAMA or the American Association of Medical Assistants, and the AMT or the Association of Medical Technologies can increase career opportunities and salary level. It is also important to maintain their license in order to continue their job as a licensed medical assistant. In United States, medical assistants are required to renew their license every five years. They can renew license by enrolling in continuing education and trainings for registered and licensed medical assistants. You can also enroll in specialization training under medical assistance field like podiatry, ophthalmology and optometry.

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