Forensic Nurses Salaries – Is It Enough?

One of the nursing specializations that a registered nurse can pursue is forensic nursing.  This is the type of nurse that is involved in helping solve crimes as well as knowing cause of death.  This kind of work has been popularized through the television shows that portray the life of a crime investigator.  But in the real world, the work of the forensic nurses is not about the fame and it is not as glitzy as one sees it.  This is one tough job to fulfill and it can require the nurse to be dedicated in this kind of nursing career.  In addition, some may wonder if the effort given receives enough income to compensate for all the hard work.

Comparing to registered nurses, the salary of forensic nurses is slightly higher.  The national average for registered nurses is at $60,000 in annual income while a forensic nurse can earn a median yearly salary at $70,000.  For a single person, this is quiet enough to live a life that is comfortable.  For those with families and both spouses are working, the income range is also able to provide for the family.  The nursing career is a health care profession that is able to lead a life that is most of the time above average.  What’s more, forensic nurses are in continuous demand as there are more patients to attend to.  Forensic nursing is recognized as increasing because of the contribution it gives to the medical field as well as the crime solving.

To become a forensic nurse, the minimum requirement is a bachelor of science in nursing and a license as a registered nurse.  The American Forensic Nurses or AFN to be able to gain knowledge on how to be a forensic nurse administers training.  Certification is voluntary but is essential if you want to have advancement in the nursing career as a forensic nurse.  In addition, experience in the field is a requisite to be able to qualify for certification.  You may also have better opportunities when a master’s degree in forensic nursing is acquired.  This could lead to a position as a death investigator or expert medical witness in court hearings.

Forensic nurses are those that are able to create a point of contact with the victims to help in solving the case.  From there, forensic nurses are taught to collect evidence from the medical side as well as documenting what the victim has to say. More often than not, those that follow this specialization have a penchant for integrating the medical field with the legal matters.

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