Nurse Salaries – How Much Do Nurses Get Paid

It is popular knowledge that nurses earn a good amount of money in their profession. However, there are important factors that affect a nurse’s salary. The type of degree, location of work, position, years of experience, qualifications and certifications are all considered in a nurse’s pay. There are nursing jobs that will not require a degree but most often do.

In the nursing profession, the level of degree, experience and the job responsibilities directly affect a nurse’s earning power. If you are really serious in getting ahead in your nursing career, you must invest on your degrees as well as experience at work. Here is some information about the current nurse salaries just to give you an idea of what to expect when you enter this field of work:

Licensed vocational or practical nurses can complete their certificate within a year only. This makes them the lowest paid nursing job. The educational attainment for this job is a lot less compared to other nursing jobs. Often, a high school diploma and minimum nursing training will suffice. The median income for LPN/LVN is $39,000 per year.

Registered nurses are what most aspiring nurses want to be. They comprise the largest part of the healthcare industry. These nurses work in different environments and have different specialties. To be an RN, a bachelor’s degree or associate degree is required. The average salary is $42,000 per year. Most RNs choose to pursue more degrees to get promotions and earn more money.

After being a RN, there is no other way to get a higher-level job than to complete your master’s degree and doctorate degree. This higher educational attainment is the key to more success in this career. A master’s degree allows you to focus on specializations. If you choose to be a clinical nurse specialist and specialize in areas like oncology, cardiology, geriatrics or pediatrics, salary will definitely go up. The salary range for a clinical nurse specialist ranges from $70,000 to $80,000 per year.

Being a nurse does not mean you have to be stuck working in a clinic or hospital, there are nurses who choose to enter the education field and become a nurse teacher or educator. Nurses can be educators with a master’s degree but there are some teaching opportunities for bachelor degree holders. The salary range is $43,000 to $88,000 per year. The wide range is due to the different teaching jobs a nurse will apply. The teacher can work online or on-campus and can work part-time or full-time.

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