Salary Comparison Of Nurse Specialists

One of the advanced nursing professionals in the nursing field is nurse specialists or sometimes more popularly referred to as clinical nurse specialists. Clinical nurse specialists or CNS are advanced nurse practitioners providing special care and medical help to specific health needs and conditions. Nurse specialists can specialize in various nursing fields depending on their expertise and preference. Some registered nurse specialize in a specific health condition like diabetes while other nurse can specialize based on age group like infants, children or adults.

In order to become a certified and licensed nurse specialist, a registered nurse must finish a Master’s of Science degree in nursing or MSN and then pass some additional clinical nurse specialist certifications depending on the country or state they are planning to get employed.

Some of the common specializations of nurse specialists today are Oncology nursing, Geriatric nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Acute Care nursing, and Cardiovascular nursing. Salary varies depending on the specialization, geographic location, and experience or years in the profession.

Oncology Nurse Specialist

Oncology nurses can be considered as one of the most popular nurse specialists today providing care to cancer patients. Oncology nurse specialists monitor patient condition and prescribe medications to patients suffering from cancer. They are also the ones who administer chemotherapy and provide emotional support to the cancer patient’s family members. The median annual salary of nurse specialists specializing in oncology nursing is $64,700.

Geriatric Nurse Specialists

Geriatric nurse specialists are the healthcare professionals who acquired special trainings and skills to provide medical and health care to elderly people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes. According to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, almost 20% of the population in America will be aged 65 and up. This makes specialization in geriatric healthcare like geriatric nursing really in demand in the next 20 years. Nurse specialists in geriatric nursing can earn an average income of $60,400 every year.

Psychiatric Nurse Specialists

Nurse specialists in psychiatric nursing focus on patients with psychiatric disorders and problems like schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorders, dementia and depression. The median annual salary for psychiatric nurse specialists is $66,500.

Acute Care Nurse Specialists

Acute care nurses are some of the highest paid nurse specialists in the health industry today. They are the ones who provide nursing care to the patients with severe but short-term conditions usually in emergency units and ambulatory care facilities. They earn an average income of $90,600 every year.

With these choices, you can pick the right nursing specialization for you.


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