Surgical Nurses Salaries: Getting An Inside Look

Nursing profession is such a broad field that is why there are also different kinds of nursing professions in the medical and health industry today. There are so called registered nurses, practical nurses, vocational nurses, licensed practical nurses, clinical research nurses, surgical nurses and nurse practitioners. Each nursing profession has varying education paths, licensure requirements, job descriptions, and of course, salary.

Some of the highest paid nursing professions are registered nurse, operating room or surgical nurse, physician nurse, nurse specialist, and nurse practitioner. Surgical nurses in the US can earn an average yearly income of $50,000 based on the United Stated Bureau of Labor Statistics. Surgical nurses with sufficient experience and high position in certain companies or institutions can earn high salaries ranging from $70,000 to $90,000.

Aside from their experience and position, the salaries of surgical nurses also vary based on geographic location or the specific region they are employed. Stated with higher population and higher demand of professional surgical nurses can offer higher income or salary level compared to those rural areas with small populations and low demand for registered surgical nurses. Because of their relatively lower income than professional surgical assistants, most hospitals and health institutions today prefer their services in order to minimize operation cost while still providing the proper health and medical services for their patients.

Surgical nurses can work in numerous work setting and industries. Aside from the health and medical industry, they can also work in various industries and work for private companies that needed health experts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, work opportunities for nursing professions including surgical nurses are expected to grow about 20% in the coming years locally and worldwide. With the increasing population all over the world and the growing number of elderly people, more and more health care professionals will be needed in order to provide care and medical services for the patients.

In order to become a surgical nurse, you need to finish first a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and pass the licensure exam in order to become a registered nurse. After obtaining your license, you need to undergo rigorous training and practice their profession for a given period in order to become a certified surgical nurse. A lot of nurses today prefer to enhance their education level and trainings like becoming a surgical nurse in order to earn higher income and get better career options as a professional surgical nurse.

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