The Five Highest Paid Nursing Salaries

A nursing career surely has great benefits. One of the highly known advantages of becoming a nurse is the good pay. But, you should know the highest paid nursing careers so you will know what to prepare for. These high paying nursing careers will require a lot of work and qualifications. You are needed to earn higher degrees of education after becoming a registered nurse. At the end, all your efforts in studying and training are greatly rewarded.

On the other hand, nursing salaries are determined through several factors too. You should know about these factors to be able to start your career ahead of time. Know what location you would want to work in and what specific job you want to have. All these things are to be considered if you want a highly paying nursing career in the future.

The Highest Paid Nursing Careers

Becoming a Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse will get you an average salary of $81,000 a year. Pediatric endocrinology nurses provide care to children who are suffering from endocrine system disorders and diseases. It is your job to educate the patient and the family about the issues that can arise from endocrine system disorders like sexual development and physical development issues.

Becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife will guarantee you great pay. The average salary is $84,000 a year while the median salary is $92,776. A certified nurse midwife provides professional healthcare to women who have obstetric and gynecologic needs. A CNM can assist women patients with labor and delivery including postpartum care. CNMs ensure the safety and health of both mother and child. This job requires certification, bachelor’s degree in Nursing, nurse midwifery training and at least 2-4 years of work experience. The CNM should be registered nurse.

Becoming A Pediatric NurseBecoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will allow you to earn good money for your hard work. The average salary is $95,000. Registered nurses who work in the psychiatric unit can earn a median salary of $66,922, which is not bad too. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses which is why they earn higher than psychiatric unit RNs. They provide care and consultation for patients with psychiatric and mental health disorders. A psychiatric nurse practitioner should be able to evaluate a patient’s condition and implement the appropriate nursing care. He or she should be able to conduct psychiatric assessments and mental status exams as well.

Becoming nurse researcher guarantees you great pay every year. The average salary is $95,000 a year. Being a nursing researcher is all about improving the quality of healthcare. You can do this by doing researches and study on how the current healthcare system can be improved further. Nurse researchers enjoy the opportunity of making a positive impact in the healthcare system. You have to earn a masters or doctorate degree to become one, which is why you are paid very high for this job. You will be working with registered nurses, medical teams and other nurse researchers. As a nursing researcher, your job is to help the healthcare industry deliver high quality services amidst all the challenges in healthcare facilities.

Becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist puts you on the top of the highest paid nurses today. The average salary is $135,000 while the median expected salary is $157,980 in the US. A certified nurse anesthetist is someone who administers anesthesia to patients during a surgical or medical procedure. The demand for CRNAs is higher today because hiring them is more cost-effective. They can provide before, during and after care to patients who has anesthesia. This job title requires a master’s degree and at least 2 years of working in an acute care setting. Also, certification to become a CRNA is needed.

What Affects Nursing Salaries?

You have seen the top five paying nursing salaries but there are nursing positions that do not earn this much. Many factors can go into determining the salary of a nurse. Demand for nurses is not enough to predict how much nurses can earn. To help you prepare for a high paying nursing salary, here are the factors you should work on:

Earnings As A NurseThe level of nursing job affects the nursing salary. As you may know, nursing jobs differ in levels. For instance, the lowest level of nursing jobs includes nurse assistant, which is followed by licensed practical nurses. The next level is that of registered nurses. The top-level jobs are the nurses that earn the most pay. Not everyone is qualified for high-level jobs due to the strict qualifications, education and training required. Not to mention, each level has a licensing or certification requirement too.

A more obvious factor is education. If a nurse has a higher-educational degree, he or she is qualified for higher-level jobs. Those with a 2-year associate degree or nursing diploma will earn less than that of someone who holds a 4-year bachelor’s degree in nursing. Those who hold masters and doctoral degrees earn the highest nursing salaries due to their specialized training and advanced practice.

A nurse’s work experience affects the salary since employers are happier to offer higher pay for experienced nurses. Starting registered nurses usually earn $19-$25 per hour but nurses with 20 years of experience on the job earn $26 to $35 an hour. The raise in salary happens after the first year of working and the next is in 5 years.

The location and setting of your work will affect your salary. There are states that offer higher pay due to more shortage while other states offer less due to more supply. If you want to make sure that you land a high-paying job, you must know where to work. Also, the cost of living in a state will affect the nursing salary. For instance, if you plan to work in California where there is high cost of living, you can be paid $32 per hour. You can compare this to working in Ohio where in the hourly rate is $22 but the cost of living is low.

Your nursing specialty greatly affects the salary. Nurses with specialties earn more compared to nurses without specializations. The nursing careers mentioned above are all nursing specialties and it is clear that they have high earning potentials.

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