5 Qualities Needed As An Emergency Nurse

Nursing is a demanding job and this is not a surprise to everyone. One of the most demanding nursing jobs is an emergency room nurse. Have you ever been to the emergency room? This place can be quite chaotic because emergency cases are brought here. Patients brought here need immediate attention and care and most often, these are life and death situations. If you have plans of being an emergency room nurse, here are the 5 qualities that you must have:

  • Educated And Trained- There is always serious work in the emergency room and patients with different sickness will come. As an emergency nurse, you should be well educated and well trained in handling different situations immediately. Patients who are in excruciating pain will go to the emergency room and you need to do something about it quickly.
  • Cool Head- As an emergency nurse, you must always keep a cool head and stay calm. The patient conditions in the emergency room are very serious and it can cause you to panic easily. Be confident and know what to do. Always stay calm so the patient see that he or she is taken care of. You must act quickly yet in a calm manner.
  • Prioritize- In the emergency room, you must know how to prioritize patients. The hospital will educate you about this. There are certain cases that need to be attended to immediately compared to the other patients that came in earlier. In line with this, you must know the right patient turnover. In the emergency room, there is not a 1:1 ratio of nurse to patient. There is only a specific amount of nurses assigned and they might be taking care of 10-20 patients at the same time.
  • Independent- An emergency room nurse should be independent. Depending on your position as a nurse, you may start giving orders to other nurses in case there is no physician around. In such a case, only highly respected and qualified critical care nurses are eligible for the job.  The most important thing here is that the nurse can be independent and knows the tasks needed to be done around the emergency room.
  • Moving On- You must have the quality of easily moving on. You will encounter traumatic cases in the emergency room and you will experience patient deaths in your shift but you have to move on. You cannot be emotionally attached. This will be very hard on you.

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