6 Apps to Improve Patient Care

Nursing is a constant on-the-go job. With patients to get to and records to file, time is always of the essence to a nurse. In addition, with the mobile world exponentially growing, even nurses are joining the bandwagon in using mobile technology to improve patient care, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. The following are commonly used apps today that have saved the time and effort of many nurses and most likely, saved the lives of countless patients.

Skyscape Nursing Collection

OS: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Skyscape provides the nurse with a breadth of information from references for different specialties, dosage calculators, lab references, and drug interactions. Content is regularly updated with reports from the FDA and the CDC.

Nursing Central

OS: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Nursing Central is another suite of applications that provides you content from popular books such as Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, and Davis’ Drug Guide. It is cheaper to purchase this bundle as compared to purchasing each individual book and the best part is you get regular updates!


Apps to Improve Patient CareOS: iOS, Android, Blackberry

EpocratesRx is a free app that acts like a drug handbook. It is complete with interactions, indications, contraindications, calculators, and monitoring guidelines. This highly useful app saves a lot of time for the nurse and improves efficiency by providing her a quick reference.



MIMS is another drug reference popular in the Asian region. It has thousands of drugs and brand names in its repository. The site and app are updated almost daily and brings the latest news in the medical world. Best part is MIMS displays drug information given by the manufacturer for the most accurate data possible.


OS: iOS, Android

MedCalc is a medical calculator with a very wide range of formulas for different specializations. The “Pro” version also has a feature to save individualized formulas. This is a lifesaver especially for nurses who have to keep referring to formulas or who just does not like numbers.


OS: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Technically not a medical application, EverNote has proven itself useful in a wide variety of field as a productivity application. It is a note-taking application that is saved on their server so that you can view all your notes in different devices. Notes can be taken in the form of text, pictures, audio, or scribbles. Moreover, you can tag it with an actual location to help you remember where you made the note or where you are supposed to be.

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