Benefits Of Cultural Competence In Effective Nursing Care

Cultural competence is one of the major goals of transcultural nursing – a cognitive nursing specialization developed to understand and respect cultural differences when providing nursing care. Differences in cultural beliefs are very common in most countries especially in large countries like the United States. Differences in traditions, ethnic customs, and beliefs can sometimes affect people’s abilities and sometimes, rights to acquire healthcare services they need. That is why transcultural nursing through cultural competence is developed in order to get rid of discrimination in the health care provision.

Respecting and understanding other people’s beliefs and practices definitely have great benefits in terms of providing health care to patients. These benefits are:

Respect And Value For Diversity

Effective Nursing CareOne of the great benefits of cultural competence in the nursing care and industry is nurses and other health care professionals get to respect and value cultural diversity among people especially patients. This benefit is not only essential in the direct application of health care but also in the organizational and administrative level in healthcare institutions. By respecting other people’s beliefs and understanding the diversity among people, the structures and policies in health care will be less prone to cultural discrimination.


Proper Approach In Nursing Care Where Cultural Diversity Is Involved

Discrimination is not only one of the main factors that can be avoided through cultural competence in nursing. Aside from the views of the healthcare providers, sometimes the beliefs of the patients also affect the type of health care and services they want. This is very important when a patient want to undergo certain treatment or nursing care believing that it will be good for them due to their cultural beliefs. Through cultural competence, professional nurses can effectively communicate with the patients and educate them with the right nursing care for them without unconsciously degrading their cultural beliefs.


Overall Improvement In Cultural Knowledge

Being aware of cultural diversity does not only benefit the healthcare industry but it also affects the overall society and quality of life. With cultural competence, nursing professionals and health care providers can offer health services that respect and adapt cultural diversity. More policies and health practices that protect cultural diversity will be formulated. Nurses will be able to truly understand and care for their patients by being open-minded, understanding, and flexible. When healthcare professionals communicate and truly understand their patients not only physically but also culturally, effective healthcare services are definitely attainable.

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