Follow The Path Of A Pediatric Nurse

Children require special care in any medical facility that they are admitted.  This is because small patients can be fragile and more sensitive than the older ones.  This is especially true when the child being hospitalized has still to fully develop its immune system.  Hence, it is imperative then that the one providing care is knowledgeable on pediatrics and other medical specializations to give proper care.  Pediatric nurses are those nursing professions that offer patient care from infants to teenagers in any healthcare facility.  This is a nursing path, which you might want to consider, if working with children is your passion.

To prepare the nursing career, begin by taking more science subjects in high school.  This can include basic pediatrics, anatomy, biology, chemistry and more.  On free time or summer breaks, take time to volunteer in summer camps to be exposed to dealing with children.  Or give time to go to hospitals or other healthcare facilities where volunteers are also needed.  If possible, maintain all grades above the average to have an advantage in entering nursing schools and even grab scholarships available to aspiring nurses.

Choose between an associate degree and bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse.  Pediatric nurse is advancement in the nursing career from being a registered nurse.  So it is important that the college degree leads to getting the NCLEX-RN as the licensure exam for registered nurses.  After graduating from the chosen nursing school, send out applications to various medical institutions that have pediatric sections.  In order to get a certification in pediatric nursing, work experience in the pediatrics is needed.  Set goals to work as a pediatric nursing in the emergency room, neonatal ICU, pediatrician’s clinic, hospital, home health and schools.  Doing this will gain broad experience in dealing with children in the pediatric nursing field.

The certification is a voluntary act of a pediatric nursing but it is an advantage.  Getting the certification is an indication of following standards in giving patient care to children.  To further the career, obtaining a master’s degree will increase opportunities as a pediatric nursing.  Master’s degree in pediatric nursing will give the aspiring pediatric nurse the title of pediatric nursing practitioner or PNP.  PNPs can land supervisory position handling a few pediatric nurses.  In addition, teaching in university can also be considered as another career opportunity.  The nursing career is not limited, there are many ways to expand the nursing knowledge and pediatric nursing is just one of them.

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