Time Frame To Become A Licensed Practical Nurse

A college degree is a good credential when looking for a high paying job.  But the finances can greatly affect the college program you may want to pursue.  You can start with short courses to be able to get a part time job and pursue the college degree you want.  This can also be applied when you want to be a nurse.  Many think that the nursing career needs a few years to achieve but it actually is not so.  The nursing career can begin by completing a licensed practical nurse program from any college or vocational school in your area.  In addition, what is great about this is that you can finish the course in just one year.  This means that you can work as a licensed practical nurse after just a year of learning to become one.

In the one school year of the license practical nursing course, both coursework in the classroom as well as clinical practice is provided already.  This means that while you are learning the theories and different subjects you are also given practicum to have actual experience of the nursing field.  This is essential so you will know what to do when you work later on in the medical facility that requires a licensed practical nurse.  One year is enough to know the basics of patient care and general nursing.

After you have done the LPN course, you can get prepared for the NLCEX-PN examination for your license.  You cannot work as LPN without passing the licensure examination so it is best that you be ready to take it in just one try.  If you possess the passion to be a nurse, you will be dedicated in achieving the necessary education requirements and getting the license.  When you acquire your license, you can now apply for various job openings in your related nursing field.  Do not stick to hospital settings as you can also find work in the nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.  Getting broad experience will be advantageous to you in gaining various exposures from different work settings.

The nursing career is something that you can be proud.  It is about serving other people who need utmost care and the LPN course will pave the way for such job.  You will practically take care of patients from small children to the elderly.  There are many nurses out there but only few stands out that have the real passion of serving.  If you are that person with the high passion to serve others in the time of dire need, then the nursing career can be one of your strong career paths.

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