What Is It Like To Be A Staff Nurse?





There are multiple career paths in nursing. Right now, you have to choose only one since you will still need to gain work experience. How about being a staff nurse? A staff nurse does not necessarily need to specialize in a specific area. They can choose to be general nurses that can work with different patients in different work settings.



The Work Of A Staff Nurse

A staff nurse has an extensive range of responsibility. He or she can work in the patient’s home or in a community health field. Staff nurses who work in hospitals are given plenty of options to choose from. They work in the nursing ward, intensive unit, in-patient, or outpatient unit. If a staff nurse has a specialization, his or her responsibilities will change. Compared to staff nurses with specializations, a general staff nurse has typical responsibilities.

Work Of A Staff NurseAs a staff nurse, you should be ready to give nursing care to anyone in need. In a hospital, you are responsible for the health of your patient during your shift. You will do regular check-ups and monitor the patient’s vitals. Staff nurses are responsible for giving treatment that is already scheduled. The head physician orders this treatment. Since a staff nurse provides treatment, this makes his or her role more crucial in the overall recovery of the patient. Moreover, the staff nurse should explain the treatment to patients and properly inform them about it.


The Other Responsibilities

Staff nurses have side responsibilities aside from providing nursing care. They work with a team to plan and implement nursing policies for patients. They can also evaluate the ongoing practices in the healthcare facility and suggest or implement changes if needed. The staff nurse makes sure that nursing care in the healthcare facility continually improves. A senior staff nurse who evaluates the performance of staff nurses often leads the team. Someday, you can become a senior staff nurse too.

Staff nurses have the responsibility of gathering information about the patient’s medical history. They have to study their patients to know the best way of treating them. They make reports and work closely with the doctor to provide the best healthcare possible. The work of a staff nurse is all about providing direct patient care. Most of the time, you will have a very busy schedule because of the shortage of nurses but do not worry, seeing your patients recover with your help is worth the long hours and hard work.

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