What Is Your Duty As A Patient Care Assistant?

When talking about patient care, people think about nurses and doctors immediately. What many do not realize is that patient care assistants have an active role in patient care as well. They may not be working independently but they make sure that their patients are comfortable. A patient care assistant assists patients, helps the nursing staff and provides general care to all patients.

Your Duties

The duties of a patient care assistant include checking the vitals of the patient and collecting lab specimens. All orders come from the registered nurse or head physician. The patient care assistant also takes care of the patient’s charts. Patient care assistants help in feeding patients or help the immobile patient walk around and get dressed. A patient care assistant will assist patients that need assistance in using equipment. During work, the patient care assistant keeps record of the patient’s progress, treatment and medication.


Duty As A Patient Care AssistantA patient care assistant should be a high school graduate. He or she should complete medical aide training from a vocational school or certificate program. To get a certificate for training, the student has to complete 40-120 hours of clinical work. There are employers who take applicants and train them on the job while other employers accept on-the-job training students from medical aide training schools.


As a patient care assistant, there are set of skills that you should know very well. This is what training is all about. Included in your skills is verbal and written communication. Patient care assistants should be skilled in practicing medical safety as well as controlling infectious diseases. Patient care assistants should be knowledgeable with medical and clinical terminology. Patient care assistants should know first aid and CPR training. As for their traits, they should be empathetic and patient.

Work And Salary

Most patient care assistants work in a clinic and hospital but they can also work in the homes of the patient. They work under a registered nurse or a supervisor. Patient care assistants work in busy environments as they try to attend to the request of patients as soon as they can. Often, more than a patient is assigned to them. Changing shifts are offered to patient care assistants. They can work in split shifts, morning or night shifts. The salary for patient care assistants ranges from $23,500 to $29,900 a year. The average salary is $26,500. The salary will depend on the work experience, employer and location of work.

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