A Look At A Certified Nursing Assistant Job

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a crucial job position when it comes to the healthcare of an individual. Sometimes, certified nursing assistants are also known as home healthcare aides. People who are working this job help people who are elderly, sick, or disabled. Usually, the service takes place in various settings. People who are in this business do many things to make a difference in a person’s life.

First, preparing meals and feeding a client is a common part of this job. Sometimes, caregivers may be required to cook. It is helpful for a healthcare aide to have the ability to cook. Many times, caregivers must feed patients because the patients may be incapable of feeding themselves.

A second aspect of this job is oral care and hygiene. Home healthcare aides have to dress, bathe, and provide hygiene. When bathing a patient, there are several different options: bed baths, tubs, or showers. The type of hygiene provided and equipment used will depend on the situation and the patient.

Third, toileting patients is something that is necessary. Patients sometimes cannot toilet themselves and need this type of assistance. For bedridden patients, something called a bedpan is used. A bedpan is something that is placed under a bedridden patient. If the patient either can’t make it to the toilet on time or can’t get out of bed, the bedpan is used in place of a toilet. The caregiver then cleans out the bedpan and keeps it clean.

Helping patients in and out of bed is something else that may be required. Additionally, helping a patient get from a bed to a wheelchair may also be necessary.

Many patient’s vital signs must be closely monitored. Blood pressure, pulse, and temperature are some of the things that must be watched closely. Sometimes poor readings of these various vital signs can indicate the need for immediate medical attention. These must be monitored closely.

Cleaning up a patient’s home or immediate area is yet another part of the job. Just like anyone else, patients deserve a clean and functional living space. In turn, caregivers may be required to clean an area ranging from a small room to a large home.

Seventh, laundry is an integral part of working in a CNA job position. Patients are clothed and therefore need to have these clothes laundered. As a result, caregivers must complete laundry for a patient.

Another important part of this job is knowing how to document things. Many caregivers have to fill out and record information about a patient’s day and any issues that occurred. This information is usually shared between caregivers and medical staff.

Many patients do not like to get cooped up in a house and want to get out and do fun activities. Sometimes, a recreational activity can be as simple as a walk or as complex as involvement in a community event. Whatever recreational activity the client desires, it is required that the caregiver is there to help and allow the client to enjoy the experience.

When it comes to transportation, there is a wide range of possibilities. Sometimes transportation to doctor’s visits is all that is needed. Other times, long-distance trips may be required. The amount of travel needed will depend on the situation.

This job requires a lot of responsibility. On the other hand, it can be rewarding. Providing a person with quality care improves his or her quality of life. This job can be very stressful sometimes, but at the same time many certified nursing assistants know that they are doing something good for someone else.

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