Accelerated Nursing Program as You Key to Becoming a Nurse

With a decreasing number of nurses, cities around the globe are looking at acute nursing shortages. Many ideas have been put forward to address the nursing shortage and one of those ideas is accelerated nursing programs.

So what is an accelerated nursing program? An accelerated nursing program is a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) that can be completed in as little as twelve to 18 months. If you are seeking an advanced degree, you also have the option of enrolling in an accelerated master’s nursing program if you already have a nursing degree.

Accelerated nursing programs are very demanding. They require complete dedication and commitment to the program once started. These programs seek to compress what is normally offered in a four to 5 year nursing program into a 12 to eighteen month schedule.

Students enrolled in an accelerated nursing program takes classes year round and without long breaks normally found in traditional nursing programs. One must also be able to juggle coursework along with other responsibilities and commitments such a job, family or both.

One factor that can affect the time it takes to complete a BSN or MSN accelerated program is prerequisites. If you have taken biology, you can skip taking those in your accelerated program. This will shorten the time it will take to complete the accelerated BSN or accelerated MSN program.

Accelerated nursing programs have become very in-demand in recent years. Due to the increased popularity, there are now thousands of accredited accelerated nursing programs being offered across the country. Online accelerated BSN programs are also available.

Government statistics have shown a possibility of over a half-million new nursing positions will be created in the next couple of years.

Registering now in an accelerated nursing program will ensure you will not only have a competitive wage upon finishing the program, but gives you the chance of pursuing a nursing career thats in demand across the world.

So if you want to fast-track your career in nursing, an accelerated nursing program may be the perfect fit to be part of the dynamic and lucrative and personally rewarding field of nursing.

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