Finding More Information About NCLEX Results For You

Students of nursing must have graduated from a secondary education program focusing on their chosen area of nursing, either PN (practical nurse) or RN (registered nurse). The NCLEX results determine if the student has the knowledge to work in the field with any amount of success. They need to be licensed before they can begin working anywhere.

The NCLEX pass rate stands at close to 90% at this time. This averages out the students who pass on their first try, and those who must take the test repeatedly. After clinical training and completion of an undergraduate program, the student should have no trouble passing the exam.

A few common subjects covered in this exam is human anatomy, biology and chemistry. A computer program chooses these questions at random, beginning with more difficult questions and reducing the difficulty as it goes along, if the student is having trouble. Students must be certified in the state they want to work in. They must recertify for a new state if they move.

Students who have not completed both the undergraduate program and needed clinical training will not be considered for this test. Both of these are required in order to work legally in any state. The nursing student should be knowledgeable in every topic that might be covered in the exam.

All students will affect the NCLEX pass rate, whether they pass or fail. Since most students do pass the exam, it shows that the job is being taken seriously and qualified nurses are emerging in the workforce. This test determines the skill of the nurse, more than his or her book knowledge. This is a main reason that clinical training is so important.

Students who have passed with excellent NCLEX results will get the best jobs because this test proves they know what they are doing. Employers are willing to give these students the opportunities they deserve. All questions asked on these exams are random and the test can be taken until the student has passed it.

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