Is There Demand For Nurses In Specialized Fields?

The problem with the economy is no secret to Americans but despite this, the nursing profession is still going strong. The demand for nurses has always been around but this demand is expected to increase more this year and in the coming areas. The cause for this is the increase in the aging population. There will be more people needing healthcare services. Hence, more nurses will be needed.

Nurses are often found working in nursing homes, hospitals, pediatrics, community service, schools and hospices. General Nurses can work in different environments and can provide general care to patients. However, there is a growing demand for nurses in specialized fields. Nurses can choose to continue their education and training to specialize in one of these fields:

  • Pediatric Nurses- Pediatric nurses focus on caring for infant, toddlers and young adults. They mostly work in hospitals and schools.
  • Obstetric Nurses- Obstetric nurses focus on caring for new mothers.
  • Geriatric Nurses- Geriatric Nurses focus on caring for the elderly. These nurses are found in nursing homes, hospices and hospitals.
  • Private Nurse- Private Nurses work in the homes of patients. Patients can vary in age. Private nurses should know how to work independently
  • Community Health Nurse- A community health nurse focuses on providing healthcare services in a community setting. These are patients with very little money to seek treatment in hospitals.
  • Mental Health Nurses- Mental health nurses focus on caring for patients who suffer from mental disorders or sickness.
  • Critical Care- Critical care nurses focus on caring for very ill patients. They often work in intensive care units of hospitals.
  • Emergency Room Nurses- ER nurses are assigned to the emergency room. Their skills are focused in providing immediate care to patients in the ER.

A career as a pediatric nurse is growing in popularity because of the increasing population. However, the number of children with special needs is increasing too. Pediatric nurses assist children through their learning, physical and emotional disabilities. Children with chronic illnesses are part of the responsibility of pediatric nurses too.

Another area that has high demand is geriatric nursing. With the baby boomer population reaching the retirement age, there is more need for assistance among the elderly population. The elderly needs assistance with everyday living activities due to their frail and weakening bodies. The aging population is more prone to disorders and sickness too. Thus, geriatric nurses are very much in demand today.

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