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Healthcare Work opportunities News – April 2011

The following is a review of the latest job news in the Irish Healthcare and Medical sector. This is brought to you by 3QMedical, healthcare recruitment specialists in Ireland and overseas. It deals with news on new ministers for the medical sector, unfilled doctors positions, flaws in the country’s respite care, and reassurances from the health minister to psychiatric nurses.

2 New Ministers Introduced for Medical Sector The new government has made Dr. James Reilly the new minister for Health and Children while the Minister for older people position has been assigned to Minister of State Kathleen Lynch. These two Ministers will have a primary effect on the direction and future of the healthcare and nursing home careers marketplace in Ireland in the coming months and years.

Hundreds of Doctors positions unfilled The organisation that is representative of hospital consultants in this country, the Irish Hospital Consultants Association, has claimed that our health services is threatened by because of a lack of non-consultant positions being completed our hospitals. The HSE claims the lack of hospital doctors is a global problem, not simply an Irish one and claims it is working closely with the Irish Medical Organisation and the Medical Council to tackle the problem.

Psychiatric Nurses reassured by Minister Health Minister sought to reassure Ireland’s Psychiatric Nurses lately at their annual conference in Trim. He told associates from the Psychiatric Nurses Association that their work could not be looked at as an afterthought and that the 2011-2014 employment framework strategy in the Health Service Executive provides for 100 psychiatric nursing jobs to get filled. The conference was held against the backdrop of the HSE’s present move to chop income of agency nurses as a means of cutting expenses.

Report finds flaws in country’s respite care A recent report has discovered that not all households with a kid with a terminal or life-limiting ailment have the care they need. The report found that a budget of at least 10million yearly is necessary for adequate in-home and out-of-home care to be provided to impacted families. For most families with young children with such illnesses as cancer a care assistant or nurse is necessary for full-time or part-time care.This demonstrates the significance of both roles in Ireland at the moment

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