NCLEX Review Of The Learning Requisites For Registered And Practical Nurses

The National Council Licensure EXamination is an licensing test for nurses in the United States. There are two examinations RN for registered nurses and PN for practical nurses. An NCLEX study guide will include an NCLEX review and help you better understand how to face the examination.

There are four main categories in the RN exam. The first is creating a care environment that is effective and safe, which is sub-divided into care and safety management and infection control, promoting health and maintenance, psychosocial integrity and physiological integrity, there are four sub-categories comfort and basic care, therapies for pharmacological and parenteral, reducing risk potential and physiological adaptation.

The test for practical nurses is similar with the same four categories. The main differences are within the breakdown where management of care is replaced by coordinated care and under physiological integrity there are two new sub-sections on psychiatric care and pharmacological therapies.

Tests are conducted primarily using a multiple choice examination. However recently new types of questions have appeared with multiple correct answers, identification using a body map and mathematical questions where a numerical input is needed.

Examinations are conducted by Pearson VUE using Computerized Adaptive Testing and testing centres that are available nationwide. Usually examination centres have a welcome desk and a small room with between two and six computers, you will be sat down and given a piece of paper where you can make some notes during the test. This paper is collected at the end. Perhaps you might want to quickly recall some memorized facts or formulae at the start.

The NCLEX study guide will help you feel more comfortable when taking the examination. It will include an NCLEX review, sample questions, and a practice test that will together help you feel more prepared for the test and the examination environment.

Aspiring nurses, find out what the study requirements are for Registered and Practical Nurses. You will also get the low down on how and where to find a nclex study guide and NCLEX Test Preparation tips on

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