Surgical Nurses – Getting To Know Them

The nursing profession is vast and broad. There are so many specializations a nurse can choose from. It can be quite confusing what nursing field to enter in. Nurses should rely on their personal preferences as well as what field of nursing their skills will fit in the best. How about you? Do you work well under pressure? Do you want to assist surgical doctors in surgical processes? If so, you can become a surgical nurse.

What Is A Surgical Nurse?

Surgical nurses specialize in providing pre and post-operative care to surgical patients. They are tasked to assist the head surgeon during the surgery as well. With the different surgical processes, there are different types of surgical nurses too. A career as a surgical nurse is demanding which is why the salary is good too. It will also depend what type of surgical process you specialize in. There are surgical nurses that earn close to the amount that doctors earn while some earn less.

Why Are Surgical Nurses Important?

Surgical procedures are never the same anytime. Each surgery is different from the other. The preparation is different and the process will vary too. This means that the doctor and nurse should be prepared in handling any circumstances that may arise during the surgery. In case of an emergency, doctors cannot handle it on their own and will need the assistance of surgical nurses.

During pre-operative care, surgical nurses physically and emotionally prepare the patient for the surgical process. The surgical nurse will inform the patient about the procedure and eases any fear. The nurse has to monitor the vitals, administer medication and make sure all surgical equipment are sterilized and organized.

During the surgery, the surgical nurse assists the head surgeon by passing the surgical instruments, monitor the vitals and performing other surgical tasks needed. Such tasks may include removing blood and other fluids.

After the surgery, the role of surgical nurses is very important. They make sure that the patient does not develop any complication after the surgery. They change wound dressings, monitor vital signs and administer medications.

There are surgical nurses that circulate in a hospital’s operating rooms to make sure that patients, instruments and drapes are all sterile. Surgical nurses earn good compensation especially if they are attached to the surgeon already. Surgeons only want to work with surgical nurses they are used to and know how they work in operating rooms.

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