The Role Of The NCLEX Nursing Test

There are several requirements that must be met before a potential nurse can be licensed in the US. One of these requirements is a passing score on the NCLEX exam, which is offered in different locations all over the country, during several test administration dates each year. Registration is limited to those students who have state board approval.

Two different version of the NCLEX exam exist. Students eligible for the NCLEX RN have successfully completed either two or four years of training, and an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Students eligible to take the NCLEX PN, which is for future Licensed Practical Nurses, have completed less than two years of training and have no degree, but instead are usually awarded a certificate.

Aside from the two different degree paths that can be used, there is another way to fulfill the training requirement for becoming an RN. This is to enroll in a hospital’s training program. These programs are much rarer now, with the majority of nurses now being trained in schools, but as little as twenty years ago, hospitals produced most of the nation’s nurses.

Though the bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) is a higher degree than the associate’s, the licensing exam these students take (the NCLEX RN) is the same. However, if a nurse wants to become an advanced practice nurse, he or she will need to complete a graduate degree, and admission to these programs requires a four-year degree.

Preparing for the exam starts with registering. Students apply to take the test, and at the same time send their information to the state nursing board. If the board approves their request to complete the exam, they will send the testing company permission to issue an Authorization To Test (ATT) form. The student then registers for the exam, using their ATT letter.

As well as training and this exam, there are other requirements that must be completed in order to become a nurse. Some of these vary by state, so contact your state nursing board if you are interested in finding out what they are.

In order to get your NCLEX RN certification, you need the right combination of experience and knowledge. Find out more about schools and programs by visiting the website at .

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