What Is Life Like For Auxiliary Nurses

Auxiliary nurses is not a common term used in the US, it is commonly used in the UK Auxiliary nurses in the UK are equivalent to the nursing aides and assistants in the US. The responsibilities, duties and roles is pretty much the same. Auxiliary nurses in the UK are employed through The National Health Service as well as private health care institutions. They are also called health assistants. Becoming an auxiliary nurse in the UK is a stepping-stone to becoming a registered nurse.

The Role Of Auxiliary Nurses

The primary role of auxiliary nurses is to provide healthcare service to patients. Auxiliary nurses should make sure patients are comfortable. Their tasks include washing and dressing up incapacitated patients, feeding patients and assisting patients in getting out of bed and walking around. If they are working with the elderly, they will help patients with grooming and toileting. Moreover, auxiliary nurses are expected to check and assess the health condition of their patients. They check blood pressure levels, pulse rates and temperature. Auxiliary nurses are tasked to change sheets and bedding as well as assist in cleaning the wards where they are assigned too.

Becoming An Auxiliary Nurse

Becoming An Auxiliary NurseFor aspiring auxiliary nurses, there is no need to earn a degree. Enrolling in an auxiliary nurse training program is your ticket to this job. This training program is offered by trade schools and vocational schools. Training can last from months to less than a year depending on your pace. Here, students will be taught proper medical terminology and how to assist patients properly. Included in the coursework is learning about CPR and First Aid. Auxiliary nurses will spend a few months learning in a classroom setup until they are ready to perform clinical work. After the training program, auxiliary nurses must take the certification exam and get their license. This is the only way to start a professional nursing career.

The Work Of An Auxiliary Nurse

Auxiliary nurses lack the independence to work alone because they lack the training and education. Nevertheless, their services are vital in a clinic or hospital. They report to registered nurses and help them with tasks. They can also work for healthcare professionals like pediatricians, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists. Auxiliary nurses play a proactive role in a clinical setup and they are very important in completing administrative work.

Auxiliary nurses work in shifts. They can work part-time or full-time. They can work on weekends and at night. The average salary of auxiliary nurses in the UK is around 16,000 pounds a year, which is equivalent to around $23,000 in the US.

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